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Avoid Water Heater Replacement With Routine Preventative Water Heater Maintenance | Normal, IL


Whether a conventional or tankless water heater, routine maintenance is vital to keep it functional for the longest time possible. Regular maintenance of any electrical or plumbing appliance is critical in ensuring that it reaches or even extends its lifespan. When you decide to enlist the services of Covenant Plumbing’s water heater replacement, repair, and maintenance team, what benefits do you get? Does a maintenance-based approach provide any advantages over just having the repair technician repair the water heater when it malfunctions? Is it expensive to maintain a standard water heater in your Normal, IL residential or commercial property?

At Covenant Plumbing, our skilled team will show you the differences between a regular visit for routine maintenance on the water heater and having to wait until your home doesn’t have hot water at your home. Below are some of the advantages of preventative water heater maintenance.

Regular Water Heater Servicing

The usual routine repairs are for thermostat issues, insufficient hot water, and other heater-related problems with typical water heaters. Conventional water heaters have an upper and lower heater, resulting in abnormal functioning when one of the heaters fails. You will have to either wait for long before the hot water starts flowing or a small hot water supply flows first, followed by cold water from the other half of the water heater tank. A water heater replacement, repair, and maintenance team will typically inspect and adjust the heaters to ensure that your home has a continuous hot water supply for hygiene but not too hot to cause scalding. The recommended setting by the EPA is 120° F.

Problems with the Temperature and Pressure Valve

The hot water tank might be stressed by the increased internal pressure and temperature in the right conditions. This is common, especially towards the last days of your tank’s lifespan when it has been weakened by corrosion. Enlist our water heater replacement and repair experts to check the relief valve and ensure the T&P valve is in good shape. This helps in preventing the tank from leaking or exploding.

Sometimes, the T&P relief valve might release water in small amounts because of brief high-pressure situations or when the valve doesn’t function properly. Have you noticed some signs of puddles dried up or still present? Enlist the help of our experts to inspect the temperature and pressure relief valve and repair it to ensure that it is properly functioning.

Annual Maintenance of the Water Heater

Although this might not be apparent to Normal, IL homeowners, a properly maintained water heater provides better hot water and a longer lifespan. While some understand the importance of routine maintenance visits, others wait until the heater malfunctions to call a water heater repair technician.

During the routine maintenance visit, our technicians inspect things like anode rods, helping prolong the lifespan of your water heater tank by reducing corrosion. They will also examine the temperature and pressure relief valve, a vital safety part that, unless checked, might not reveal its underlying issues. Our water heater maintenance team will also offer you an essential piece of information, the degree of corrosion and condition of the tank. Therefore, you can know when the entire water heater will need replacement before it results in flooding or water damage when the tank fails.

Emergency Visits to Repair the Water Heater

Our water heater replacement and repair technicians at Covenant Plumbing are always ready to respond to your plumbing emergencies. These include issues like the lack of hot water or if you see or hear the signs that the water heater is in distress, including noises within the tank or water coming out of the overflow pipes. You may also see leaks from the water heater tank, indicating that it is time for emergency water heater replacement or repair.

Hot Water Leaks Beneath the Slab

Hot water issues like insufficient hot water and constant water heater operation might result from leaks within the hot water pipes. If the leaks are out in the open, you could probably notice them. However, the plumbing system is set up below the concrete slabs or within the walls, and hot water leaks might also occur in such places, making them hard to notice.

The leakage signs are like those in a slab leak. However, they are warm, especially if the hot water pooled below the slab, creating warm spots or damaging the floor. Our water heater repair and plumbing professionals will inspect the entire hot water plumbing system to identify such issues that might be causing your home not to have a continuous supply of hot water during a routine maintenance visit. If they detect the issue, they’ll recommend various solutions and undertake the repairs or water heater replacements.

Tankless or Hybrid Hot Water Systems

If you have a hybrid water heater, it will require most of the same repairs as a conventional water heater. However, these models need additional maintenance and repairs for the compressor and other components related to hybrid heat pump technologies.

On the contrary, tankless water heaters do not feature a tank. They heat the water when it passes through within the pipes, activated by water flow when the hot water valve is sufficiently turned on in your home, or commercial property. Our water heater repair professionals at Covenant Plumbing are appropriately equipped to handle any issue with your hybrid and tankless water heaters and offer routine preventative maintenance.

Water Heater Anode Rod

The anode rod in your water heater serves as protection against tank corrosion. It also prevents anaerobic bacteria from growing in the warm, dark environment of your hot water tank. It is made from a sacrificial metal that dissolves inside the water to balance water chemistry like hardness that could accelerate the corrosion of the tank. Although it takes several years before a water heater replacement service will need to change the anode rod, regular maintenance is essential to achieve its rated lifespan.

We could help prevent your water heater tank from weakening due to corrosion by approaching us to create a solid maintenance plan. We’ll also provide regular updates on the status of the anode and notify you what it’s time to replace it.

Reputable Water Heater Replacement Services In Normal, IL

Routine water heater maintenance ensures that your home has a continuous hot water supply. You also won’t have to call a plumbing technician now and then because it has malfunctioned by maintaining the water heater. Enlist the services of our water heater replacement, repair, and maintenance team to create a maintenance plan for this vital plumbing fixture. Call us at Covenant Plumbing today for any water heater issues.

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