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6 Common Sump Pump Repair Mistakes Homeowners Make | Bloomington, IL


You might be wondering what the function of a sump pump is, especially if you have never had one. The sump pump is responsible for eliminating flooding in the basement of homes. If you do not have a sump pump then you can experience various problems like flood damage, mold infestation as well as waterborne. If you would like to avoid these problems then it is best to hire a professional plumber who will be able to assist you with sump pump repairs or installations. It is important to know what sump pump type you have as there are various types such as pedestal, water-powered, submersible, and combination sump pumps. Covenant Plumbing in Bloomington, IL recommends hiring a plumber that will be able to repair your type of sump pump. There are some mistakes that homeowners make that lead to sump pump repairs. Here are some of the most common mistakes which you can avoid to decrease the frequency of sump pump repairs.

1. Unplugged Pump

The first problem that homeowners run into is an unplugged sump pump. You might need the outlet where the sump pump is plugged into for another appliance. You might be forgetful and forget to plug in your sump pump. If you do not plug in the sump pump again before the stormy season then you can experience major floods. You should always double-check that your sump pump is plugged in before the heavy rain hits. If you notice that there is water pooling in your basement and your sump pump has been on the in you should contact a professional that will carry out the necessary repair or upgrades.

2. Assess Check Valve Error

One of the things that you want to avoid is water flowing backward. The check valves are responsible for preventing the water from flowing backward. The check valves have arrows on them and there is an indicator that shows which way the arrow should be pointed. If you fiddle with the check valves and the arrow is pointing the wrong way then it can lead to water backflow in the pump. It is best to check the position of the arrow before calling a professional plumber. If the arrow is pointing in the right direction but you are still experiencing water that is flowing backward then the check valve might be faulty. This can be repaired or replaced.

3. Letting Debris Enter the Pump

It is important to put your sump pump on a solid surface that does not have small gravel or debris. The debris can make it into your sump pump and cause a clog. If your sump pump is suffering from a clog then it can cause your whole system to stop working. You would need to hire a professional to conduct sump pump repairs. It is best to never attempt these repairs yourself as a sump pump is a complex piece of equipment. If you notice that your sump pump has been sitting on gravel or debris then you should contact a plumber like Covenant Plumbing in Bloomington, IL to clean out your sump pump before a clog forms. This will be much cheaper than sump pump repairs.

4. Failing to Inspect for Loose Wiring

The sump pump is powered by electricity which means that there is electrical wiring inside the pump as well. With any electrical appliance, you should check that the wiring is in perfect condition. If you notice any loose wires then it is best to leave them alone and contact a plumber to inspect the wires. You can be electrocuted if you attempt to repair the wire. The plumber will know which procedure to follow such as turning off the power source, disconnecting the pump, and repairing the loose wires. It is best to have your sump pump inspected before the stormy seasons to make sure that everything is in working order before your pump has to work hard.

5. Broken Discharge Pipe

As a homeowner, it is important to inspect the various systems in your home regularly to make sure that they are in working order and that there are no problems. It is a common mistake for homeowners to neglect to inspect the discharge pipe especially when the water is being pumped out of the basement. This pipe can break quickly and if you do not do regular inspections, you might notice that your basement is flooded. It is best to hire a professional plumber to conduct sump pump repairs as soon as you notice any irregularities. The sooner you have it repaired, the less you will have to pay later on.

6. Failure to Test Your Sump Pump System

There are three assessment levels that you should conduct on your sump pump. The first thing you should check is what happens when your pump is running nonstop during nonrainy days. The next thing you should check is how the sump pump operates when the flooding situation is bad. The last thing you should do is see what happens when the sump pump does not run at all. It is best if your plumber conducts these tests because they know how to do it effectively as well as what to look out for in the event that the sump pump is not working correctly. These tests will also help the plumber determine which sump pump repairs will be required.

These are the six common mistakes that homeowners make that lead to sump pump repairs. If you have made any of these mistakes recently then it is important to conduct a professional such as Covenant Plumbing in Bloomington, IL. They have trained plumbers that will be able to resolve any sump pump-related problems that you might have.

If you are in need of sump pump repairs then you can contact Covenant Plumbing for an inspection.

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