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As a homeowner, you have to bear the cost of handling home repair and maintenance. Instead of hiring a plumbing service company, some homeowners attempt to perform plumbing repairs by themselves to save cash. However satisfying it may be to complete a DIY job, it can also turn sideways very quickly. Although plenty of maintenance repair projects are excellent for DIY work, plumbing jobs are an exception.

Besides maybe plunging the sink or the toilet, you better leave the plumbing repairs to professionals. It only takes one mistake to turn things from bad to worse. If you experience any of the problems below in your Normal, IL home, you better call a plumbing service.

Running Toilet

If your home’s toilet is properly functioning, it will run when you flush. When the toilet tank is full, the running stops. However, call a plumber immediately if your toilet runs even after the tank is full. Several things may cause this problem.

They include a failing tank’s seal, a flat height that needs adjusting, a leaking flapper that requires replacement, or a long refill tube that should be shortened. Another cause for this problem is an extremely old toilet that has clocked its maximum lifespan.

You should never ignore a running toilet. If you think that a lot of water goes to waste in a dripping faucet, you’d be surprised by the amount of water that a running toilet wastes. A toilet can waste over 30 gallons of this precious and scarce resource in one day alone. This translates to about 900 gallons of water wasted every month. Consequently, your home sees a significant increase in water utility bills. So, it is best to call a plumber whenever you notice this problem.

Frozen Pipes

January is the coldest month in Illinois, with the cold season lasting for about three months. For this reason, you should invest in plumbing services to protect your pipes. The plumbers can install heated tapes to your pipes in the effort of winterizing them. The temperatures can even drop below freezing point at night, which might freeze the pipes and water within. This is a severe issue.

When the pipes freeze, no water is delivered to your showerhead toilet, faucets, and generally to your home. This is a severe problem that can cause many inconveniences in your Normal, IL home. The freezing water expands and might cause the pipes to burst. The plumber can thaw out the pipes safely and quickly. They also can inspect the pipes to check whether there are any damages. If any, they will take the necessary steps to resolve it.

Water Heater Issues

A water heater is among the essential appliances in your home. It ensures various daily chores go on uninhibited, providing convenience and comfort. If the appliance malfunctions, your daily household chores can even become impossible. Additionally, the appliances that need hot water to operate, like a dishwasher or a washing machine, will not properly function. More importantly, the hygiene at your home may take a toll. Imagine waking up on a winter morning only to find that your hot water faucets have no hot water. That could be one of the most frustrating mornings ever.

Many water heater issues might require the attention of a plumber. They include discolored hot water, lukewarm water, the water in your shower being not hot enough, a total lack of hot water, and foul-smelling hot water. Others include strange sounds emanating from the water heater and leaks or moisture around your water heater.

If you notice any of the issues above, it is time to call a plumbing service to have the water heater inspected. By waiting longer before calling the plumber, you risk the problem worsening. The water heater repair could become impossible if you neglect or ignore the issue for long. You would then need to replace it, a costly undertaking.

Clogged or Slow Drains

Clogged or slow drains can cause many inconveniences in your home. If a drain at your home is malfunctioning to the extent that a plunger might not help, the time to call a licensed plumber is due. You might be tempted to pour a liquid drain cleaner in an attempt to clean your drains and save some money. However, we strongly caution you against this. These liquid drain cleaners are not always effective, and, in most cases, they may also damage your pipes.

There are no guarantees that the liquid drain cleaner will entirely remove the clog, meaning that the problem might recur in the future. As said above, these cleaning agents may damage the piping because they contain chemicals that may catalyze corrosion. By hiring a plumbing service to remove the clog, you are sure they will safely remove it. They can even show you video evidence using inspection cameras.

Low Water Pressure

The other frustrating issue that could signify you need a plumber is low water pressure. When the water pressure is low, tasks like bathing, cleaning the dishes, or watering your yard take a longer time than they usually do. Additionally, the water-based appliances will not operate at their peak performance if the water pressure is low.

Call a certified plumbing service immediately if your home has low water pressure. The issue may be a clogged aerator within the water line or even multiple leaks within your plumbing system. Leaks are hazardous as they could result in water damage to your house and property. The damp spots they create on the walls could be a thriving ground for mold. The leaks can also result in a rapid increase in your monthly water utility bills.

Licensed plumbing services can inspect the plumbing system using modern tools, diagnose, and resolve it quickly. By the time the plumber is done with your plumbing, the water pressure at your home will be restored.

Trust Covenant Plumbing for High Plumbing Services in Normal, IL

If your home has a plumbing problem that needs the attention of a plumber, contact Covenant Plumbing. We have been serving homeowners in Illinois for some years. This has given us the experience and a glimpse of what many people want in their plumbing. Our plumbers are highly experienced and licensed. Therefore, if you were worrying about the warranty on your invaluable water heater, by calling us, you need not. We know that any plumbing service is an inconvenience, and unfortunately, most of them come at inconvenient times. That is why our plumbing services are available 24/7. Call us today for an appointment or professional plumbing advice.

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