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6 Modern Bathroom Designs From Your Plumber To Improve The Value Of Your Home | Normal, IL

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Renovations to your bathroom give a facelift to your home. These renovations are easy and simple to complete and can also increase your home’s resale value. If your bathrooms are outdated, they can drag down your home’s value, stopping the potential buyers from submitting an offer. Besides that, upgrading the bathroom helps you save some dollars in the long run. This is because you will be saving on utility bills like water and energy bills.

If you are interested in improving your bathroom, give our plumbers at Covenant Plumbing a call. They can assist you in installing various plumbing fixtures. Below are the five modern bathroom designs that can help improve your bathrooms. The plumbers will offer you information regarding the design trends below, giving you an idea of their merits and demerits.

1. Curbless Showers

The curbless showers are the talk of the town nowadays. They’re fantastic for a variety of reasons. For starters, they’re open to everyone. They also come with a larger bathroom. This bathroom design style may transform your bathroom into a smart and attractive space. Our plumbers will inspect your bathroom to show you where everything will go and which appliances and fixtures will be removed.

Because curbless showers provide an open-concept, seamless bathroom, plumbers find integrating them with other bathroom appliances is very straightforward. These bathrooms frequently resemble the lavish “wet-room” spa tubs in upscale hotels.

2. Heated Towel Bars

Heated towel bars are yet another lavish bathroom improvement idea. Hang those towels on heated bars so that you can wrap yourself in a warm cloth upon finishing your bath. This adds to the comfort of your bathroom. However, since it involves electrical wiring and drilling holes on your bathroom walls, a plumbing professional is probably best equipped to install them.

3. SMART Bathroom Appliances

If your bathroom equipment and fixtures are old, it might be time to replace them with some of the most modern options available. SMART bathroom products are also becoming increasingly popular, and there are many alternatives to select from.

For instance, there are SMART toilets that feature self-cleaning technologies, heating elements, and seats with bidets that will improve the comfort at your Normal, IL home considerably. Some high-tech washrooms even feature built-in docking systems to hold tablets and smartphones.

A SMART faucet is another exciting SMART bathroom appliance to have. These faucets are usually touch-only or touch-free triggered and have no-fingerprint coatings. Efficiency sensors and Temperature gauges are included in some of the most modern digital faucets, and they will alert you if something is wrong. For instance, if the device detects an issue with the water pressure or a leak, they notify you immediately. Digital faucets also feature digital displays that can show the exact water temperature. These faucets also help the homeowners adjust the water temperatures to their liking.

There are other different SMART bathroom fixtures and appliances available. Finding one that will work best with other appliances at your home can be challenging. That is why it is recommended you seek a plumber’s help.

4. Pedestal Sink

Most homeowners are shifting away from the large sinks installed on vanity tables or console tables. Instead, they prefer pedestal sinks because they save lots of space. They are a great addition to smaller washrooms and bathrooms.

Pedestal sinks also pair well with any bathroom design and fixture. They are also relatively inexpensive and pretty easy to install. Pedestal sinks come in different models and designs. On a budget? You’ll have no trouble finding one.

The only problem with pedestal sinks is they don’t have storage space underneath. They also do not offer a lot of countertops. Another problem you might have to consider is that some of the plumbing may be visible when you install a pedestal sink. There have been concerns about this from some homeowners. Do you want to install a pedestal sink in your Normal, IL home’s bathroom? Contact Covenant Plumbing. Our Plumbers will help you decide on the right size and model.

5. Heated Floors

Installing a heated floor can make a massive change to your bathroom. There is a long history of radiant heating. However, it has become a trend in our bathrooms. Electric and hydronic radiant floor heating may help warm up your feet in winter and cold days. The type of heating is also thought to have a higher energy efficiency than other heating methods, like forced-air heating.

Are you interested in hydronic radiant flooring? Call us at Covenant Plumbing. One of our plumbers will answer any questions you may have regarding this type of flooring or even install one in your bathroom at your request. Heated floors in your toilet can also be a significant improvement to the value of your home.

Heated floors may also make it incredibly easier for you to keep the thermostat down. The heating system has an extremely long lifespan, lasting over 35 years. Inquire from our plumbers about the merits and demerits of the various models out there in the market. It will help you choose the best for your home. Let our plumbing expert help you install it when you settle for the heated flooring.

6. Linear Drains

The other plumbing appliance you can install in your bathroom is linear drains. Linear drains used in low-curb or curbless shower applications can increase your bathroom’s overall accessibility. Hence, your bathroom will age better and have a longer lifespan, especially as the household occupants age. Linear drains are also incredible in creating ADA-compliant showers and wet spaces. They slope only in a single direction and have no barrier for crossing. Hence, it is also straightforward for the plumbers to install wheelchairs and free-standing benches or other facilities that aid mobility.

Call Covenant Plumbing for Suggestions

Bathroom upgrades can hugely improve your home’s overall quality. It also has the potential to increase the resale value of your home. A classy and beautiful bathroom can make your house more attractive to future potential buyers, meaning that your home can see an increased number of offers with this vital upgrade. Whenever you consider upgrading your bathroom, ensure you enlist the services of a professional plumber near you.

At Covenant Plumbing, we are experienced in all forms of plumbing and water heater repairs. We offer plumbing fixture repair, sewer and water line repair, plumbing systems maintenance, and replacements. Call us today for any bathroom upgrade in your Normal, IL home.

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