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A sump pump is an effective device to help you prevent flooding in your basement. They pump out water in the sump basins, preventing expensive water damage. If you have a basement, we recommend you get sump pump services in Normal, IL, so a licensed plumber can help you install a sump pump.

Types of Sump Pumps

You can install two types of sump pumps: Column or Submersible Pumps. If you have a narrow or shallow sump pit, it’s best to install a pedestal sump pump. This type of pump conserves energy and lasts longer than its counterpart. The only disadvantage is they pump less water when there is a flood. It’s not ideal when you live in an area that gets frequent flooding. A submersible sump pump needs a large sump pit, so the motor cools off faster, and the noise level is greatly reduced when the pump is running. The downsides are they can be more expensive to buy and install in your homes. Get sump pump services so our plumber can give you more information to help you make an informed decision on what sump pump is suitable for your basement.

What to consider when buying a sump pump:

Sump Pump Horsepower

If you live in a home with frequent water problems, you may consider buying a sump pump with more horsepower. However, you need to remember that having more horsepower also means that you consume more energy. Should you decide to buy a sump pump with bigger horsepower, ensure that the size of the sump pit should also be increased. A bigger sump pit prevents the sump pump from running frequently. Are you thinking of installing a sump pump for your basement? Don’t hesitate to get sump pump services. Our plumbers are more than happy to assist you.

Should You Get Thermoplastic or Cast Iron?

The advantage of getting thermoplastic or cast iron pumps is that both can last you several years. Whatever you choose to purchase, it would still last you longer. However, cast-iron pumps are just stronger than thermoplastic. Also, they distribute heat from the pump’s motor better than the thermoplastic, maximizing the sump pump’s cooling ability. Cast iron pumps are just more expensive than thermoplastic. What to purchase depends on how much budget to allow for your equipment and whether or not you need a stronger sump pump for your basement. Call a plumber today for sump pump services if you’re thinking about installing a sump pump for your basement.

Should You Get a Backup Sump Pump?

If you want extra protection, then consider installing a backup pump with batteries. The backup pump prevents flooding in your basement when the power goes out or the main sump pump malfunctions. We recommend that you contact a plumber today for sump pump services so one of our plumbers can help you install a backup sump. You need backup, especially when you live in an area that’s prone to typhoons or other natural disasters.

In addition, you may also consider getting check valves to add to your sump pump system. Having check valves prevents water from the discharge pipe from falling back into the pit. You can extend the lifespan of your sump pump with the check valves and also save energy. If you’re planning to install one, contact a plumber at Normal, IL for sump pump services.

Ensure It Has an Alarm System

The reason you’re installing a sump pump is to prevent flooding in the basement and to avoid paying for expensive repairs and replacements caused by water damage. It would be useless to install a sump pump that’s not equipped with an alert system. When you buy one, make sure that it has an alarm sensor that triggers and alerts you when the water accumulated in the sump pit rises above a certain level. That way, you’d know what to do after. A plumber can also give you solutions on how to go about this scenario. Speak with one of our plumbers so we can help with sump pump services.

Maintaining Your Sump Pump

You can always rely on your sump pump to protect your basement, but it’s also important to maintain them, so they always work.

Test the Sump Pump

Ideally, you should test your sump pumps at least once a year to ensure that they are still in good working condition. As much as possible, do it before a storm or before the wet season. You can test the sump pump by pouring a bucket of water into the pit and watching if the water gets pumped out. If it doesn’t, call a plumber for sump pump services or repair.

Periodically Check Your Sump Pump

If you have been using your sump pump for a few years, it becomes increasingly important to check it for wear and tear and if it’s still efficient in pumping out water. When you smell mold in the basement or loud noises coming from the sump pump, there might be a malfunction. Get help from a plumber so they can inspect your sump pump and resolve the problem.

Clean the Sump Pump

You can extend the lifespan of your sump pump when you regularly clean it. You can use a garden hose for rinsing the pump and then use either a putty knife or a plastic scraper to remove the debris on the pump.

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