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A toilet is not just a convenience but a major necessity for your home. When your toilet is experiencing any problems, it is vital to figure out the problem and contact an expert plumber with quick and reliable hands-on solutions.

At any given point, approximately 76% of Americans have faced an issue with clogged toilets in public restrooms. However, chances are that you have most likely suffered a clogged toilet in your home. Below is a guide on clogged toilets and the relevance of scheduling immediate drain cleaning service with expert plumbers in Bloomington, IL.

5 Reasons Why Your Toilet Clogs Regularly

Having trouble with your toilet clogging now and then? Here are possible reasons for your trouble:

1. Flushing Non-flushable Items

The concept of flushing waste away does not apply to several materials and objects, at least not in a typical toilet bowl. Common non-flushable items include wipes and paper towels. Though occasionally marketed as flushable wipes, flushing wipes will cause significant damage to your plumbing and drainage system.

Paper towels are designed to resist tearing, even when saturated completely. Unfortunately, such physical resistance makes these items hard to break down and pass via the drain pipe. In the slightest chance that they flush down, they are likely to get stuck in the drainpipe, prompting the need for immediate drain cleaning service.

Other common non-flushable items that likely clog your toilet include feminine products, disposable cloths, ear swaps, napkins, and hair. At all costs, avoid using your toilet as a garbage can. By doing so, any non-flushable item leads to clogging in the toilet or further in the toilet drain. This generally affects your plumbing system. Contact our drain cleaning experts for immediate intervention.

2. A Partially Blocked S-Trap

An S-trap drain pipe is an S-shaped pipe originating from the ground and winding its path into the toilet bowl. The S-trap drain pipe ensures that the foul sewer gases in the pipes cannot pass via the toilet bowl and into your atmosphere. In some cases, toilets use a P-trap instead of an S-trap due to varying toilet designs. However, the purpose remains essentially the same.

Fortunately, a fully clogged S-trap is easily identifiable since the toilet clogs and needs to be cleared before using again. However, this becomes a challenge if the S-trap is partially blocked. Often, you will require a professional draining cleaning service since partial blockages tend to remain intact even after clearing the main clog. This causes your toilet to clog more frequently than usual. Call an expert drain cleaning service provider in Bloomington if your toilet auger doesn’t seem to be effective.

3. Obstructed Plumbing Vents

Home plumbing consists of water pipes that act as inlets and drain pipes that function as outlets in removing wastewater from your residence. In addition to these fundamental parts of a plumbing system, there are also ventilation pipes, which help release sewer gases safely via your home’s roof.

The lines also help bring in clean, fresh air from outside, thus forming pressure and suction within the line. This increases the toilet’s flushing efficiency. Unfortunately, if these plumbing vents are obstructed, sealed, or clogged, the toilet’s flushing power/efficiency is heavily affected.

A drain cleaning service provider uses the proper techniques and tactics to determine if this is the possible cause of the toilet clogs. The drain cleaning expert may use a plumber’s snake to clear the obstruction/blockage and allow easy flushing and toilet unclogging.

4. Restricted, Damaged, or Punctured Main Sewer Line

This line leaves your property running underground and out to a septic tank or municipal sewer system. The main sewer line is well secured from freezing, rain, snow, and other factors, owing to its position under the ground. Unfortunately, it is susceptible to interference and damage from tree roots which can puncture or wrap around the pipe.

A compressed or punctured main sewer line constricts the outlet to the septic tank or municipal sewer system. Consequently, dirt, rocks, and other debris can penetrate via the punctures and cause an even worse drainage challenge. If this is the case, expect to experience more than one toilet clog and drain problem. Should you be a victim, ensure you contact a drain cleaning service professional immediately to undo the damage.

5. Ineffective Low-Flow Toilet

One of the best options to minimize unnecessary water usage and high water bills is using low-flow toilets. Generally, toilets can last for over a decade before needing replacements or major repairs. Unfortunately, an outdated low-flow toilet is a major recipe for clogging problems. Over time, the flush power or efficiency is insufficient to push down the waste or toilet paper completely via the S-trap and into the drain pipe. On the one hand, you can opt for a temporary solution where you flush a small amount of waste and paper at a time. On the other hand, you can contact drain cleaning service Bloomington, IL experts to help you upgrade to a new toilet fixture that can handle the demands comfortably and is less prone to clogs.

What to Expect from Our Drain Cleaning Service Professionals?

We are against clogged drains at all costs. At Covenant Plumbing, we understand that clogged drains pose a health hazard to you and your family and potentially lead to structural integrity compromise if left unaddressed.

While you can take a few unclogging steps to mitigate the issues, we highly recommend calling for a professional drain cleaning service. Our plumbers come with the tools, expertise, and experience to observe and react accordingly. By calling our drain cleaning experts in Bloomington, IL, you should expect:

  • Comprehensive clog assessment. Our expert assess the nature of the problem and the drain’s condition before diagnosing and recommending appropriate remedies


  • Fast and effective clog removal. Most stubborn clogs resistant to plunging can be resolved with snaking, which involves a long, thin cable extended into your drain to assist in unclogging.

We also recommend and provide professional plumbing if called for in such situations. Call us at Covenant Plumbing today to schedule an expert drain cleaning service in Bloomington, IL, for your clogged toilets and an assortment of plumbing problems.

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