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Water filtration isn’t the only way to ensure that your home’s water is high quality and free from smells, staining discoloration, and other impurities. Piping can corrode over time and cause changes in your water quality, and infiltration from leaks can allow your water supply to become contaminated. Your water heater, if it’s not properly maintained, can become a source of many water problems as well, which is why at Covenant Plumbing in Normal IL, we recommend regular water heater repair and maintenance services to keep your system providing high-quality hot water, no matter what type of hot water system you’re using.

Water Quality Effect on Plumbing and Heating Gear and Appliances

When the water flowing through your home, in your water supply pipes, and out your wastewater pipes, contains contaminants such as minerals including calcium, it can promote corrosion of metal items in your plumbing system. This can include most of your pipes, appliances, and your water heater tank, resulting in costly long-term effects such as water heater replacement or repair earlier than expected, pipe damage, and leaks from both your incoming pressurized water supply and outgoing hazardous wastewater flow. Corrosion can also occur in your heating system if you have a boiler-based furnace and radiators. Over time, even your faucets and showerheads will accumulate mineral residue that can clog them and require plumbing repairs. Repiping may be needed sooner than expected, and your water heater repair professional may note that the unit’s tank is beyond servicing, and the whole unit must be replaced. Routine water heater repair and maintenance visits can help somewhat, as scale removal and anode rod maintenance help to reduce the effects of hard water.

Safe Drinking Water From The Source You Depend On

Filtered water can help your family enjoy drinking water without hauling plastic bottles of purified water from the store and back to recycling. This can also stabilize your water quality since both wells and city water can vary over time as their sources are affected by groundwater issues and other factors. When you use hot water, you’re also passing your home’s water through the water heater which in some cases can have issues of bacteria buildup that affect hot water quality alone. Corrosion can also introduce contaminants into the water. Our water heater repair professionals can monitor your water heater’s status and the quality of the water that it’s producing during their periodic maintenance visits, in addition to performing maintenance tasks that can help, like replacing the anode rod.

Reduced Skin Irritation from Better Quality Water

Sometimes it seems like the hot water from the shower is causing skin irritation and additional skincare is needed to deal with it. It’s worth having our water heater repair team check your water quality because sometimes the problem is in the water supply, a result of the minerals that are present in both your hot and cold water. These hard water issues, once handled by a water softener or water filtration system, will be eliminated and with them, usually many of your skin issues as well. You may also find the products you are using in the shower, as well as your laundry soap, are not working as they should with hard water, and if you were calling for water heater repairs because your laundry isn’t cleaning well, you may find your water quality is the issue.

Better Results From Soap and Shampoo

Though there are some soaps and shampoos that are designed for hard water use, most perform poorly in their lathering and cleaning effects when used with the high mineral content of hard water. Fixing this problem with water softening or filtration can make an amazing difference and provide more satisfying showers and baths along with better laundry results. It may not be a water heater repair issue after all. Still, remember that hot water heaters need regular maintenance in order to provide quality hot water.

Water Heater Effects on Water Quality

The warm, enclosed space that is the inside of your water heater is an excellent place for anaerobic bacteria to multiply, especially if the water characteristics are right. Your water heater specialist can provide solutions to prevent this growth and the rotten egg smell that develops in your hot water when it does. Minerals in the water and collecting as scale in your water heater can also result in taste and quality issues that are limited to your hot water supply, affecting your cooking as well as dishwashing and laundry.

Don’t Forget About Water Heater Maintenance and Replacement Planning

Regular maintenance of your water heater helps keep water quality higher and prolongs the life of your water heater. It also provides periodic checks of your anode rod that has several effects on your water and your unit’s tank longevity. Our plumber will also perform maintenance checks of your temperature and pressure valve, which should also receive a special visit from us if it is found to be leaking. Limited hot water supplies are often the result of partial failure of your system’s thermostats and heaters, so it’s worth having that checked out before family issues arise over who’s using all the hot water. Periodic tank checks will help you schedule timely water heater replacement.

Your Normal, IL Water Quality Solution Source

Water is an essential part of life, and having high-quality hot and cold running water in our homes is such a source of pleasure. When problems arise that require hot water repair or other plumbing solutions, our team at Covenant Plumbing in Normal, IL gets to work solving both the straightforward problems like incoming water quality and water heater repairs and the less obvious ones like pipe corrosion. Give us a call for water heater repair, water filtration information, and detective work on your water quality issues. You’ll be able to get back to enjoying this wonderful resource.

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