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If you are like most Bloomington, IL homeowners, you don’t think about your plumbing system often. As long as clean water comes from the taps and water and waste drain from your home, your plumbing system is the furthest thing from your mind.

When something goes wrong with your plumbing system, it isn’t uncommon to worry. Many plumbing issues can make life in your home inconvenient and requires a call to a licensed plumber. DIY plumbing repairs are a bad idea because your home plumbing system is complex. If you aren’t a trained professional, you could end up doing more harm than good.

If your plumbing system is experiencing any of the following issues, it is best to leave the job to a licensed plumbing company.

#1 Drain Clogs

Drain clogs can be frustrating because they prevent the water from flowing down the drain. Small clogs can cause the water to drain slowly, which can be annoying. Simple tasks that require the water to run, such as brushing your teeth, washing the dishes, or taking a shower, will cause the sink or tub to fill. If the water runs for too long, the water could overflow.

Many people use liquid drain cleaners to remove a clog from the drainpipe; however, there is no guarantee the drain cleaner will remove the entire clog. If even a small part is left behind, it won’t be long until the water starts draining slowly again. In addition, these products can be harmful to the pipes.

Large clogs are more serious because they can prevent any water from going down the drain, and you won’t be able to use the sink or tub until the clog is removed.

A plumber can use a drain camera to find the clog to remove the entire clog safely.

#2 Noisy Drains

Do the drains in your home make a gurgling sound when the water drains? If so, there is likely a significant clog in the drainpipe. The water will need to change directions to get past the clog, and the change in direction creates an air pocket, causing the gurgling sound.

If you don’t call a plumber, eventually, the water won’t get past the clog, resulting in a completely clogged drain. It is best to have the clog removed right away so the water flows freely down the drain.

#3 Toilet Clogs

Toilet clogs can be frustrating because a clogged toilet cannot be flushed. This issue is especially upsetting if you have only one bathroom in your Bloomington, IL home. Clogs occur when too much waste and toilet paper are flushed, and they also happen when you flush something you shouldn’t have.

In many cases, a plunger will break up the clog enough that you can flush the toilet. Unfortunately, if the clog is far down the drainpipe or is very large, a plunger won’t work, and you will need to call a plumber.

A licensed plumber has the tools and knowledge necessary to remove the entire clog, so you can start using the toilet again.

#4 Running Toilet

You may not think that a running toilet is a problem; however, it is more serious than you think. The toilet in your home is designed to run until the tank is full and ready for the next flush. If the toilet continues running when the tank is full, you should call a plumber. A few problems can cause the toilet to run constantly, and you will need a licensed professional to determine the cause. The possible issues include:

  • The flapper is cracked or won’t stay closed.
  • The refill tube needs to be shortened.
  • The float height needs to be adjusted.
  • The tank’s seal is beginning to fail.
  • The toilet has reached the end of its lifespan.

A plumber can inspect the toilet to determine which of these issues is causing the toilet to run so the problem can be resolved.

It is easy to ignore a running toilet because you only hear it in the bathroom; however, ignoring the problem can cost you a significant amount of money. A running toilet can increase your water bill by up to $60 a day; therefore, waiting to make the call can result in a water bill you cannot afford.

It is best to call a licensed professional as soon a the problem starts.

#5 Water Heater Issues

The water heater in your Bloomington, IL home is technically an appliance; however, it is also an essential part of your plumbing system.

If your water heater isn’t functioning correctly, it can affect your daily life. You rely on hot water multiple times a day; therefore, you need the unit to work properly. If your water heater is experiencing any of the following issues, you should call a plumber right away.

  • You have no hot water.
  • The water isn’t getting hotter than lukewarm.
  • You run out of hot water often.
  • The unit is making strange sounds.
  • The hot water has a brownish tint.
  • The hot water pressure is poor.
  • The hot water smells like rotten eggs.
  • There is moisture or water pooling around the unit.

DIY water heater repairs are not advised because repairs can be complicated, and one small mistake can cause more damage to the unit or a flood in your home. In addition, a DIY repair will void the warranty, and you will need to pay for future repairs yourself.

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