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Is your current water heater at the brink of failure? Most homeowners are never aware of any impending major water heater breakdown. Water heaters will typically malfunction when you least expect it.

As a homeowner with no expertise in water heaters and how to go about such inconveniences, it is advisable to have a water heater replacement and repair expert ready on call. In most cases, a simple water heater repair will suffice. However, in other scenarios, a new water heater is the advisable way to go.

Water heater replacement is undoubtedly the best way to deal with water heater damage, subject to the degree of the damage, among other factors. Find out below why plumbing experts recommend replacement as the most viable solution.

A New Water Heater Is More Energy Efficient

If you are running an old and outdated water heater, chances are you are consuming a lot of energy and paying high energy bills. Like with every gadget and appliance in the market, water heaters are constantly improving design and efficiency. Therefore, without exception, energy efficiency is the leading benefit of getting a new water heater.

Energy Factor rating typically measures and depicts the energy efficiency of a water heater. The rate represents the amount of hot water the device produces per fuel unit it consumes. Therefore, a high energy factor indicates a more energy-efficient water heater. Installing a new water heater helps you save more energy bills since new fixtures typically consume less energy.

Additionally, a new water heater produces less water, making it more environmentally friendly than traditional water heaters. The Department of Energy provides a free tool calculator to help you estimate your potential savings with a new water installation. You can also call a water heater replacement expert to inspect your unit and advise accordingly.

A New Water Heater Takes Up Lesser Space

Unlike the traditional ones, modern water heaters are convenient in several ways, including their design, since they take up lesser space. Most people upgrading their water heater tanks are opting to go tankless. A tankless water heater is a small, rectangular unit that you can conveniently mount on your wall and free up the extra storage for other household items.

A New Water Heater Has a Better Hot Water Recovery Rating

Most American households increase in number as time goes. With this increase in number, the increased demand for hot water supply to meet your household needs is increased. You will need to get a new water heater if there is a sudden insufficiency of hot water to meet your household’s increasing demands even though you have a well-functioning, sizable water tank at home.

In such a case, you are ideally looking for an improved water recovery rate. The Recovery Rating describes the heater’s capability to replenish hot water upon depletion. Therefore, a new water heater comes with an improved hot water recovery rating, helping reduce the chances of taking cold showers in your household. Consult an expert water heater replacement Bloomington, IL professional to recommend the best replacement fixture to meet your hot water needs comfortably.

A New Water Heater Is Cheaper to Maintain

Regular breakdowns and malfunctions are typical in an old water heater. The more a water heater breaks down, the more you have to invest in repairs that add up to an expensive figure. In such instances, opting for water heater replacement is the ideal way to deal with the rising repair costs. With a replacement in place, you will only invest in buying the device and the installation fees that make the investment worthwhile.

Should You Replace or Repair Your Water Heater Replacement

Repair is also a viable alternative for replacing your water heater. However, getting a new heater is generally more appealing in different scenarios. A new water heater expert should advise you wisely on the best choice for your current situation.

You should replace your current water heater only if:

  • Rusty inlet valve. While steel products are strong and durable, they are still susceptible to rust. Water heaters are made of steel; they eventually rusk. Unfortunately, cracks and leaks also show up with the increase in rust. A rusted water heater is almost useless even by taking anti-rust measures. Experts recommend installing a new stronger water heater, one that is possibly rust-resistant.


  • Old age. Water heaters have varying lifespans depending on the heater type. Unfortunately, once your water heater passes its lifespan, it becomes less efficient, has frequent repairs, and is costly maintenance. Consider immediate water heater replacement immediately you suspect the heater’s old age contributes to its inefficiency.


  • Water heater noises. Is your current water heating system making strange loud noises? Loud rumbling noises are evident signs of an aging water heater. These noises tend to increase the more the heater heats the water. Loud unexpected water heater noises can be due to excessive sediment buildup or simply old age. If the noises increase in frequency yet a water heater repair expert cannot find a repairable issue; it is time to consider a replacement.


  • Excessive water leaks. The older your water heater gets, the more leaks you will notice on the surrounding surfaces. Water leaks can lead to mold growth and possibly property damage. The tank’s interior is generally exposed to plenty of heating cycles, which expands its surfaces. With time, as the metal expands at the peak of every heating cycle, small water amounts start to leak through. The more leaks your water heater has, the lesser chances it has for successful repairs.


  • The water heater is no longer heating. At this point, you have likely exhausted all repair options, and there is nothing more to revive the water heater. The best alternative is to acquire a new water heater and enjoy a faster, more consistent flow of hot water.

Water Heater Replacement Bloomington, IL

Are you having unresolved trouble with your current water heater? Contact our water heater professionals from Covenant Plumbing in Bloomington, IL, for recommendations and water heater replacement services.

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