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This is a good question; an inexperienced plumber is often as bad as having no plumber at all. Take for example a leak, they can be hard to detect, and any number of issues can be the cause. An experienced plumber from Covenant Plumbing will quickly locate and fix the problem.

That is why the people of Bloomington, IL call us, they know that they can depend on us for quality workmanship, affordable prices, and friendly plumbers.

When Do You Need a Plumber?

We offer a comprehensive range of quality plumbing services.

Drain Cleaning

Does your sink take a long time to drain? Is it the same for your shower tray and bathtub? You may have clogs forming in your drainpipes. If you choose to neglect clogs, they will eventually block the drainpipe and you will see standing water in your sink.

Often, people will pour strong chemicals down drains in the hopes that they will remove the clogs. Yet, this (may) remove smaller clogs, but definitely not firmly established ones, or even semi-serious blockages.

If a clog or blockage is located far from the drain that the chemicals may not even reach. Harsh chemicals used to clear clogs can cause corrosion in older pipes and joints, and a leak will be the only thanks you will get for your efforts. The safest and surest way to remove clogs is to have a professional drain cleaning service from Covenant Plumbing.

Sewer Lines

Any wastewater from your home passes through your sewer line and into the main sewer network. If your sewer line is damaged or blocked for any reason, the wastewater has nowhere to go and backs up into your sink. If you flush your toilet during this time, the waste may overflow onto your floor.

That discolored water backing up into your sink contains a myriad of nasty germs and bacteria. This is a serious health hazard, and we have the specialist equipment and expertise to deal with it. Depending on the extent of the blockage and whether there is any damage to the sewer line, we can determine the best course of action for you.

Sump Pumps

Covenant Plumbing offers a sump pump installation and repair service in Bloomington, IL. If you live in a low-lying area, sump pumps are a vital part of your home’s defenses. If your sump pump is not working, any excess water that gathers in your basement after a storm will remain in your basement. They are simple devices but can break down sometimes. So, you must check them periodically, especially if you receive a major storm warning.

Leak Detection

Leaks are not always easy to detect. Most pipework lies behind walls and under the floor. Most houses will have water lines under or in the concrete foundation. Signs of a leak are the presence of mold and mildew, usually under sink cabinets. Wet spots you see on your walls, ceiling, or floor are other signs of a water leak.

If you see any cracks in your concrete floor you could have a slab leak, which is undermining the structural integrity of your house. A sudden spike in your water bill is another sign. You may not consider a small leak sufficient reason to call out an emergency plumber but if left for any length of time it will cause a great deal of damage.

Our Tips to Avoid These Problems

Drain Cleaning – Clogs form when warm grease, food, coffee grinds get poured down the sink. They stick to the insides of the drainpipes and grow over time. They will restrict the flow of water in the drainpipes and will ultimately block them. Place any grease or food in the compost bin to avoid clogs starting in the first place.

Sewer Lines – Whatever causes a clog or blockage in the drainpipe will do the same in your sewer line. Cities across the country experience ‘Fatbergs’ blocking in the sewer system pipes and this is what is happening on a smaller scale in your home.

Sump Pumps – You should assess your sump pump by pouring a bucket of water into the pit occasionally to make sure it is working properly. It should start automatically, with the water emptying quickly. If it is not, please call Covenant Plumbing right away. We can send a plumber around to fix it before you have a flooded basement by overflowing sewage or stormwater.

Leak Detection – A leak is not always obvious, but if you think that you have one, there is a sure way to check. Turn off all your water appliances and turn all the taps off. There should be no water flowing through your water meter, and no movement on any of the dials. If there is motion, you have a leak somewhere.

Other Services We Offer

Installing New Appliances – Most new appliances will need a plumber to install them properly. It may be tempting to have a go yourself and save a little money, but if you get it wrong you are only going to pay more to undo any damage.

Water Heaters Installation and Repair– We are experts at new installations, but it is important to select the right-sized unit for your needs. An underpowered unit will cause you endless frustration if it is unable to provide the amount of hot water you need. Let us help you with your choice.

Piping & Repiping Services – If you live in an older home, your pipework is probably the original system. Materials like galvanized steel can corrode from the inside and could explain any odd taste from your water. Older pipework is more likely to leak and if you are experiencing problems, this may be the time to have them replaced.

Covenant Plumbing of Bloomington, IL

We are a family-owned and operated plumbing company and place a high value on good customer relations and service. We keep our promises and will arrive on time for our appointment. If you need a plumber, please call us today!

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