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The importance of your Normal, IL, home’s water heater cannot be overemphasized. It ensures that your house has a constant supply of hot water for bathing, cooking, and cleaning. Therefore, without a water heater, life in your house would certainly get a bit uncomfortable. But although modern water heaters are quite durable, they are not designed to last forever. Indeed, a time will come when you will need to replace your water heater for one reason or another. For instance, if your water heater is demanding too much attention from a plumbing repair service, you have to start thinking of a water heater replacement. Below is a rundown of reasons you should start talking to your plumber about the need for a replacement.

Your Water Heater Is More than a Decade Old

As mentioned above, your water heater was not designed to last forever. On average, the lifespan of a modern water heater is about 8 to 12 years. Therefore, if your water heater is more than ten years old, you need to start considering water heater replacement even if it seems to be working properly. This is because as the water heater approaches the end of its life, it will start becoming less reliable and more inefficient to run. As such, you might wake up one morning only to realize that there is no hot water in your house. As your water heater becomes less efficient due to age, your energy bills might also skyrocket. Therefore, instead of waiting for such inconveniences to come your way, you should be proactive and ensure that you seek timely water heater services.

More Frequent Water Heater Repairs

Like with any other machine, the constituent components of your water heater are going to become less effective and more prone to getting damaged with time. Therefore, as your water heater approaches the end of its life, you can expect it to demand more frequent calls to your water heater repair expert. Of course, even a relatively new water heater can break down and make it necessary for you to call your plumber. However, under normal circumstances, water heater breakdowns should be rare. Therefore, if you have noticed that you now have to call your plumber over water heater issues every few weeks, then it is imperative for you to start considering the need for water heater replacement.

Leaking Water Heater Tank

A leaking water heater can be quite dangerous. Indeed, it can expose your family to the risk of suffering serious injuries. There are several reasons why your water heater might leak. For instance, a water heater can leak due to cracks along the joints of the tank. In such a situation, the leaks can be fixed through welding. However, if the leaks are a result of extensive corrosion, then you may have to consider an immediate replacement. This is because there is no simple fix for an extensively corroded water heater tank.

You Are Running Out of Hot Water More Frequently

If you installed your water heater over a decade ago, it is possible that your demand for hot water could have increased since then. For instance, if you have more people living in your house than you had a decade ago, then you obviously require more hot water. As such, you may notice that you are running out of hot water on a more request basis. Unfortunately, this means that you and your family have to wait for extended periods for water to get heated. This can be quite inconvenient, especially when you are in a hurry, and you need hot water. Therefore, if you are running out of hot water more frequently, then you probably need a new water heater with an improved capacity to cater to your increased demand for hot water. In other words, you need to start talking to your plumber about the need for a water heater replacement. A professional plumber will advise you on the best replacement water heater to invest in.

Your Hot Water Is Discolored

Your hot water should supply you with hot, clean water. Therefore, if the hot water coming from your faucet looks discolored, but the cold water looks okay, then there could be a problem with your water heater. In most cases, hot water discoloration is usually due to rust in the water heater tank. Water heater tanks are usually made of steel. Although steel is one of the toughest materials in the world, it is prone to rust. Unfortunately, in addition to weakening your water heater tank, rust can give your hot water a brown color and a metallic taste. Although rusty water is not a serious health concern, it can potentially damage appliances, such as the washing machine and dishwasher. Rusty water can also stain your clothes and even kitchen utensils. Therefore, when you notice that your water that the hot water coming out of your faucets looks rusty, then you need to start thinking of a water heater replacement. Your plumber will assess the issue, and if the rust is from the water heater, you will have to invest in a replacement water heater.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that the water heater is an integral component of your plumbing system. It is also clear that although the water heater is a highly durable appliance, there will come a time when you will have to consider a water heater replacement. This is because water heaters have a lifespan or an expiry date beyond which they can become extremely unreliable and expensive to run. If you are looking for a professional plumber in Normal, IL, to guide you on water heater replacement, Covenant Plumbing is an excellent choice. We have been providing water heater replacement services for many years, and we are a household name in our community. As such, you can count on us to advise you on the best replacement water heater to invest in. Feel free to contact us today for more information about our company and water heater replacement services in Normal, IL.

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