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One of the most common plumbing issues that homeowners in Normal, IL, face is debris build-up in drainage systems. Clogged drains are not just a nuisance that slows down your daily tasks –they shorten pipe lifespans through added pressure and stress, which can result in the need for expensive repairs and lead to severe consequences, such as broken or leaking pipes.

Modern plumbing is incredibly convenient, offering access to clean water, which is essential to good health and hygiene. Modern plumbing can even include water-saving devices that improve efficiency and cut down on energy bill costs. If your drains are clogging up, however, you’re likely to offset these positive effects. Drain cleaning is an essential, often overlooked, part of maintaining home plumbing, and there are multiple signs that it might be time to book a drain cleaning service.

Drain Cleaning Service Indicators

A slow-running sink is an obvious sign that you’re dealing with a clog. If more than one home plumbing component is experiencing slow drainage, there could be a substantial clog in your main sewer line. If multiple fixtures are affected, the safest solution is to book a professional drain cleaning service.

Toilets and sinks with water flowing in the wrong direction, i.e., backing up, are most likely affected by a drain blockage. You might be able to isolate the issue yourself, but due to the potential for toxic sewage spills, it’s best to arrange for a plumber to locate and clear the debris. Even if you can’t see sewage backing up into your toilets and sinks, you might notice a foul smell permeating from within your drains. Mold build-up, or trapped waste, may cause these unpleasant smells.

Clogs can also attract unwanted pests, from roaches to rats, especially if a clog has caused surrounding pipes to crack under pressure. Typically, cracks like these that attract insects and the like will have occurred in the sewer line, an area that typically requires a professional inspection using cameras and other equipment.

Key Preparation Steps for Drain Cleaning

Once you’ve identified that a drain cleaning service is necessary, it’s time to prepare for a technician visit. Here are our top 5 ways to prepare:

  1. Create a clear path. Clearing a safe path between your front door and the drain you need inspecting will go a long way towards ensuring a speedy resolution. Professional drain cleaning technicians may bring in various clean and inspection tools. Creating a clear path reduces the likelihood technicians may accidentally scuff walls or damage items en route to the problematic drain.
  2. Try to provide 3ft clearance at the drain access point. Technicians can need up to 3ft of space surrounding the drain to work in the safest way possible. Providing a few feet of clearance gives those preparing and undertaking a drain cleaning service enough space to physically work uninterrupted and offers enough space to house inspection and cleaning equipment needed on the job nearby.
  3. Safely dispose of sewage beforehand. While this may not be possible in emergencies, contacting a waste removal company to securely dispose of any toxic sludge before a plumber arrives to undertake draining cleaning or inspection measures is an excellent idea. When sewage obscures the entry point, even the best plumber will experience issues trying to locate the source of the blockage!
  4. Mentally prepare for additional costs. The sad reality about drain issues is that, often, they are an indicator of a much more expensive problem that needs fixing. If a longstanding clog has caused pipe damage or your sewer line has failed, you’ll need more than a drain cleaning to restore functionality to your home plumbing.
  5. Avoid store-bought chemical drain cleaners. Many unsuspecting homeowners try to make clogs appear less problematic by emptying liters of store-bought cleaners down the drain in an attempt to dissolve a blockage. While this could work for small-scale blockages, you risk creating an unsafe environment for the professional technician to work in once they arrive.

Home Drain Cleaning Maintenance Tips

Home plumbing is typically in use daily, so it makes sense to care for it day-to-day too. But what does that mean for Normal, IL homeowners? Kitchen plumbing is an often affected area, although there are some simple ways to help maintain kitchen drain integrity. Sometimes, small changes to the way that you use your garbage disposal can avoid kitchen clogs. The following maintenance tips can help to reduce unnecessary build-up:

  • Turning on garbage disposals before adding food waste
  • Avoid putting celery, banana peels, potato peels, and other stringy, fibrous foods through the garbage disposal
  • Leave water running for a few seconds after garbage disposal use to help flush food waste

Another area that often requires a drain cleaning service is the bathroom. You can reduce the size of clogs or prevent them altogether in some of the following ways:

  • Install screen drains in showers and sinks to prevent hair from entering pipes
  • Reducing the number of bath oils and greasy products in use
  • Avoid flushing tampons and wipes, even if labeled ‘flushable’
  • Ensure a 10-minute interval between showers to allow for proper drainage and reduce pressure on home plumbing
  • Avoid chemical drain cleaners not recommended by professional drain cleaners, as these can corrode pipes.

Covenant Plumbing’s Drain Cleaning Service for IL Homeowners

A drain cleaning service will often use a snaking device to break clogs apart. A variety of drain snakes are available, and the right one for the job entirely depends on the severity of the blockage. While you could use cheap, disposable tools, most technicians will carry hardier versions of drain snakes, jetting equipment, and other industrial tools to disperse a clog.

At Covenant Plumbing, all our plumbers are insured, bonded, fully licensed, and specialize in tackling difficult drainage issues. Best of all, you’ll get the family feels with Covenant Plumbing, as our company is local and family-owned. With the help of our skilled plumbers and professional drainage equipment, your Normal, IL, home’s plumbing will be back in top shape in almost no time at all. Call us any time for an emergency drain cleaning service or to find out more about our drain cleaning methods. Alternatively, fill in our easy-to-use online form and send your query directly to our office.

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