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For some homeowners, water heater repairs are their only investment in the unit over its lifetime, responding to problems with heaters and thermostats and the occasional leak from the protective valve. Regular tank-based hot water systems are fairly simple, and it can seem like that’s a practical approach. At Covenant Plumbing in Bloomington, IL, we can share with you why maintenance in addition to any necessary water heater repair services is a more effective strategy, helping you to extend the life of your unit and also avoid certain failure modes that can be costly. We can also help you plan for your water heater replacement and have time to choose the right unit for you, or change to a different water heater technology that meets your needs and energy budget better. Emergency water heater replacements can be frustrating and require significant cleanup so that in itself would be considered a plus by most homeowners.

Emergency Water Heater Repairs

When your water heater is making noises or leaking, including from the pipe leading from the protective valve, it’s time to get quick attention and find out what’s going on. If you’re finding warm spots on the basement floor nearby, a lower hot water supply, or constant heating activity, you may have hidden hot water leaks that need attention. Our water heater repair team can help you determine what needs an emergency repair, and what should be addressed soon. Of course, if you’re not getting hot water at all, give us a call so we can quickly provide the water heater repairs to get your showers warm again.

Routine Water Heater Repairs

Cleaning out your older water heater to remove sediment and replacing your anode rod as needed to protect your tank and water quality are a couple of common water heater repairs. In addition, it may be necessary to replace the temperature and pressure protective valve if it’s getting older and not working properly, since it protects against potentially catastrophic failure. Checking your heating elements and thermostats and making sure that they’re set properly is also an important routine service.

Water Heater Maintenance

Combining some routine repairs such as the anode rod replacement with an overall tank inspection and other services can help ensure that your water quality is good, and not affected by the growth of bacteria that sometimes develop in standing, enclosed hot water. It can also help us estimate when your unit, based on tank condition, may need replacing so you can schedule this before it becomes an emergency.

When Your Water Heater Isn’t Supplying Enough Hot Water

Heating element and thermostat issues can result in a complete lack of hot water, or an abnormally low amount available. If you’re waiting a long time for hot water, it could be that only part of the tank is being heated, and the same goes for an immediate hot water supply that cuts off long before it used to.

If Your Hot Water Has an Odor

Bacteria growing in your water heater can produce an odor that appears wherever you use hot water throughout your house. Our water heater experts can address this, often with a simple repair.

Tank Corrosion Concerns

Failure of the water heater’s tank is the most common reason for replacement, and corrosion is the main reason for that failure. With regular maintenance, our team will keep an eye on your tank’s condition, and let you know if there are concerns. We’ll also take steps to help avoid corrosion.

Essential Temperature and Pressure Valve Protection

The other main reason that hot water heaters are replaced, besides leaks or potential leaks due to corrosion, is the failure of the temperature and pressure valve to protect against bursting or occasionally explosion due to pressure buildup. Maintenance includes checking valve conditions.

Servicing the Water Heater’s Anode Rod

There’s a metal rod, which may be made of magnesium or other materials depending on your water heater’s needs and your home’s water hardness level, located inside your unit’s tank. The anode rod sacrifices its material to balance the chemistry in the tank and help avoid corrosion of the metal tank, prolonging the life of your water heater. The actions of the anode rod also help discourage the growth of anaerobic bacteria in the tank, bacteria that grow in enclosed spaces and can produce foul odors in your hot water supply. Typically, the anode rod becomes depleted in a few years, and if you have regular water heater maintenance our technician will notice that a repair is needed.

Hot Water Leaking Under the Slab

In some homes, the hot water lines running to the rest of the house are routed under the concrete slab, making it harder to determine when they are leaking, and exposing them to the causes of slab leaks such as movement of the soil underneath your home or corrosion. Many signs of slab leaks such as water emerging from the sides of your foundation and pooling also apply to hot water slab leaks, with the addition of possible warm spots or flooring damage in your basement.

Hybrid and Tankless Water Heaters

Ask us about preventive maintenance and repairs for your hybrid tank-style water heaters that collect heat from the surrounding air to heat the tank full of water, and tankless water heaters that only heat hot water when you turn on the shower or otherwise create demand for it. Our expert plumbers are your resource for keeping your hot water flowing, no matter how it’s heated.

Your Water Heater Repair Experts and Professional Plumbers in Bloomington, IL

For the care of your home’s hot water supply, Covenant Plumbing in Bloomington, IL provides skilled water heater repair and maintenance, along with low-impact water heater replacement when the time comes. Our services can help prolong the life of your hot water system while increasing energy efficiency and reliability. Call us for water heater inspections and service.

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