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Your plumbing system is a complex network of pipes and joints that runs all over your home and underneath your property. It requires an expert drain cleaning service technician to fully understand the issue. A problem in one part of the plumbing inside your home can cause problems in other parts.

Take for instance standing water in your kitchen sink, is it due to a clog in the connecting drainpipe, or is it due to a blockage somewhere else in the pipework? An inexperienced person can waste a great deal of time and your money in a fruitless search. You may even be tempted to pour chemicals down your sink to clear the clog, but you could be making matters worse.

Harsh chemicals and older pipework do not mix, the chemicals can corrode the pipework and joints and cause leaks to form. Even if you avoid that fate, the clog or blockage may not be anywhere near your sink and any chemicals may not reach them. These chemicals will end up injuring your plumbing system throughout your home, the sewage network and will damage the environment.

To safely remove clogs or blockages without damaging your pipework or the environment, you need a professional drain cleaning service from Covenant Plumbing. We are Bloomington, IL’s most trusted plumbing service, just check our many positive reviews online.

When Do You Need a Drain Cleaning Service?

The longer you wait for a drain cleaning service the more problems will start to build up, if you are experiencing the following warning signs you should think about calling us.

Your Sink Is Taking Forever to Drain

Have you noticed that it is taking longer for the water to drain from your sink?? The chances are that you have a clog in your drain pipe. Clogs are formed when warm grease and food stick to the insides of the drainpipe dry and create layers that harden and become permanent residents in your pipes.

As they get bigger, they will restrict the flow of water in the pipes. If left untreated a clog will grow so big that it will completely block the pipe and you will see standing water in your sink and bathtub. At this point, you need a professional drain cleaning service from Covenant Plumbing serving Bloomington, IL.

The best way to avoid clogs in the future is to stop putting anything other than water down the sink. Use food traps to capture food, hair, soap bits, and other material from entering the drainpipes. If you are careful and responsible with what you throw down any and all drains in your home, you will need a drain cleaning service less often.

The Clogs Keep Returning

Some clogs are like limpets and can be difficult to remove if they have been in place for any length of time. Chemicals could remove them, but their overuse is going to corrode older pipework and joints. You do not need a leak on top of your clog problem! The safest way to remove the clog without damaging your pipework is to have a professional drain cleaning service.

You Are Living in a Hard Water Area

Living in a hard water area is one reason clogs keep returning. Layers of scale can form due to minerals that are dissolved in the water. Scale is not only a problem in pipes, but it can also play havoc with any electrical components that are exposed to water.

Have a look at an electric tea kettle (if you have one). Do you see scale collecting around the heating element? If you do this is also happening inside your electrically powered water heater. Have one of Covenant’s expert technicians check out your water heater, replacing the heating element is an expensive business! The use of a water softener will slow the build-up of minerals, but you may need to descale your plumbing system at least once a year.

You Hear Strange Gurgling Noises as the Water Empties

Another sign of a clog is the sound of gurgling as the water drains, this is caused by air bubbles created as the water flows over the clog. Any unusual sounds that begin to become routine experiences should be checked out by a plumber as soon as possible.

You See Discolored Water Backing Up in your Sink

Having standing water in your sink or bathtub is bad enough, but what if you also see discolored water backing up into your sink? If this is accompanied by the smell of sewage. Your sewer line may be blocked or damaged, and without any way to exit your property to the main sewer network, the wastewater will have no place to go but back up into your home. The sewage will contain harmful bacteria and is a gross mess to clean up, leave it to the professionals.

There is also the problem of the sewer gas, it contains ammonia, carbon monoxide, and other dangerous gases. You need to open your external doors and windows, as these gases are not good for your health.

A technician from Covenant Plumbing has the right equipment and skill to deal with this problem. They will first inspect any damage or blockage by using a video camera on the end of a flexible tube. The location and extent of any damage are then assessed. If the problem is a blockage this can be removed by a variety of methods, which could include hydro-jetting or other high-tech resolutions.

If damage is discovered to your sewer line, our technicians will determine the best solution to your problem. We have state-of-the-art tools and time-tested techniques to get your homes’ plumbing up and flushing again.

We Offer the Best Drain Cleaning Service in Bloomington, IL

Covenant Plumbing is the drain cleaning service expert of Bloomington, IL. Our technicians work around the clock to provide the best plumbing services at affordable prices. If you have any plumbing problems, then call Covenant Plumbing today! We won’t let you down.

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