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Without a proper plumbing system, your Normal, IL home will not have access to clean and safe water, and the wastewater may have nowhere to go but return to your home. Therefore, it’s important to keep plumbing pipes in good condition by scheduling regular maintenance and repair by your local plumber.

Some homes have cast iron pipes that can serve a homeowner for about 75 years or more. Although they can last for a long time, they cannot remain sound forever, and you will need to replace them at some point. Replacing plumbing pipes is something that hardly crosses every homeowners’ mind. It may become difficult to identify plumbing issues because some pipes are hidden behind walls or underground and will need a professional to inspect your pipes.

With time, pipes age due to the effects of external elements resulting in rust, corrosion, and even bursting. In the worst scenarios, you may end up with sewage backing up in your home, damaging your expensive property. To help you avoid a costly and hazardous catastrophe, below are the common signs you need to upgrade plumbing pipes in your home.

Decreased Water Pressure

If you notice a drop in water pressure when using the shower or the sink, it means the plumbing system has some issues. Sometimes you may experience a low water flow if there’s a problem with your water heater. But in most cases, it could mean you have leaking pipes, clogs, corroded pipes, or sediment build-up.

Sediments blocks water from flowing uniformly and can exert pressure on the pipes. Excessive pressure may result in pipe leaks or even bursting. Leaking pipes can result in high water bills and costly property damage. It may also cause mold growth which damages your foundation and affects the air quality in your home. You can prevent such from happening if you address the issue sooner. A professional plumber can identify the exact cause of imbalanced water pressure and fix it.

Spiking Water Bills

An abnormal rise in water bills may not just be a sign or a plumbing problem but can also be a pain in your wallet. If you’re the one experiencing this, it means you have a piping issue that needs immediate attention from your local plumber.

If you have a small family and no one has used the water to justify the rise in usage, such as irrigating the lawn or filling the pool, then it means your pipes are leaking, and you may need to resolve the issue right away. An unexplained water bill jump can be due to a running toilet or leaking or burst pipes somewhere in the plumbing system. Don’t pay for what’s leaking. Talk to a plumber to address the situation.

Blockages and Backflow Issues

A proper plumbing system drains wastewater effectively away from your home. A clog in one fixture may not be a problem, but if you experience clogs in multiple drains, your plumbing system could be failing. When you notice frequent blockages, it means there are clogs within the pipes. Also, it could be due to tree roots penetrating the piping system, causing clogging.

If your home was built in the old days, chances are you’ll experience clogs more often. Even with proper usage of drains, old pipes are prone to clogging because they could be having cracks or holes letting in sand or foreign matter, which results in blockage issues. No matter what’s causing the clogging, you’ll need to contact a plumber to upgrade your piping system. Sewer backups are common plumbing issues most homeowners residing often experience. Raw sewage backing up in your home can be irritating and stressful, and it can cause unpleasant odors and costly damages to floors and carpets.

They can also make you sick, and if not addressed immediately, you may be forced to vacate your home. You need to talk to a plumber if you notice slow draining kitchen sinks, bathtubs, or toilets.

Discolored and Smelly Water

The water flowing through your pipes should be clear. When you open your kitchen or bathroom sink, you expect to see clear water. If it comes out with strange colors, you should look carefully since the color can tell you the exact cause of the issue.

Orange or red color indicates you have rusted pipes. As water flows, the rust peels off and gets to the water coming to your home. If not addressed sooner, the more the pipes chip off, the higher the chances of leaking or bursting. While the green color indicates algae, the black color could mean there’s some growth inside the pipes, and drinking the water can cause health problems. Also, if the water smells odd, the plumbing system could be at fault. The best thing to do is call a certified plumbing company to replace your deteriorating pipes.

Frequent Leakage Issues

In most cases, pipe leaks may not present obvious signs. But if you notice wet patches on floors, walls, or ceilings or a drop in water pressure, then it indicates a pipe leak. Sometimes, a minor leak can be a sign of a bigger problem down the plumbing system.

So, it’s important to talk to a plumber if you’re experiencing constant leaks in different areas. Even if the leak happens in one location, you should hire a plumbing professional to replace the whole plumbing system since they probably have the same age, and it’s only a matter of time before they malfunction.

Healthy Lawn

Every homeowner in Normal, IL, strives to have a healthy lawn as it improves the aesthetics of their homes. However, unexplained greener patches could be a red flag, and you should never ignore them.

It could mean the underground pipes are leaking sewage into your lawn. Although it’s irritating to humans, the waste matter acts as a fertilizer to the environment, making the grass greener. If that’s the case, you should call a certified plumber to fix the issue sooner.

Contact an Experienced Plumber Today

Don’t wait for a catastrophe to strike. Instead, contact professionals at Covenant Plumbing to address your plumbing issues. We have served Normal, IL homes and the surrounding areas since 2006. Your plumbing system can get messy if you ignore the above signs. You should hire our licensed professionals to inspect the entire plumbing and make necessary replacements. Call us today for reliable and high-quality plumbing services.

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