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The plumbing network in our homes acts like the veins and arteries in our bodies, but instead of carrying blood the pipes in our home carry water and waste. Like the blood in our body’s veins can clot so can the drains, pipes, and joint works clog. Both situations need trained specialists. Covenant Plumbing has expertise performing a drain cleaning service like vascular specialists that remove clots from human veins. Drain cleaning requires a careful diagnosis and repair. For example, is the water standing in your sink due to a clog or a blocked sewer line?

One of Covenant Plumbing’s highly-trained technicians has the equipment and skills to find the underlying cause of a problem as quickly as possible. With this knowledge, they will offer the people of Normal, IL the information with which to make an informed decision and affordable services to get your drains squeaky clean.

When Do You Need a Drain Cleaning Service?

Having a technician from Covenant Plumbing regularly checking your plumbing system is the best way to avoid future plumbing problems from happening. This check will notice any minor problems and deal with them before they become serious ones. But if you keep an eye open for the following signs you will be able to save yourself an extensive deep clean in your Normal, IL home.

  • Water is slow to drain from your sink or bathtub – If you notice that the water in your sink is taking longer and longer to drain away, this is probably due to a clog in your drain pipe. If you ignore this problem the clog will grow and slowly restrict the flow of water in the drainpipe, eventually completely blocking it. You will now need a professional drain cleaning service.


  • Recurring clogs – You may have tried pouring water and vinegar down the sink, or even store-bought chemicals. This may successfully remove any smaller clogs. However, large, hardened blockages won’t be remedied by anything you can do. You will need Covenant Plumbing to clean the drains.


  • If you live in an area where the water has high mineral content – The minerals dissolved in the water can deposit layers of insoluble scale, which can prove difficult to remove. A professional drain cleaning service is the safest way to remove these clogs without damaging your pipes.


  • You hear odd gurgling noises – When the water flows over a clog, small air bubbles are created, and this is the source of the gurgling noises. Whether this gurgling noise is coming from your sink or toilet it needs to be dealt with, this sound will not disappear until the clog is removed.


  • Discolored water backing up into your sink – If the discolored water is accompanied by the foul smell of sewage, you have a severe problem on your hands. These sewer gases can be hazardous to breathe as they contain ammonia and carbon monoxide.


  • If your sewer line is blocked or damaged – The wastewater from your home will not be able to enter the main sewer network, so it makes its way back inside your home.


  • One remedy is that one of our technicians uses a specialized video camera attached to long, flexible tubing. Once the location and the extent of the blockage or damage are determined, we will be able to offer you the best solution. Often a drain cleaning service will remove any blockage, but if the sewer line is damaged then other alternates need to be found.


  • Your toilet is blocked – Sometimes a second flush will clear a small blockage, but if you keep flushing you are only likely to cause an overflow. It is best to have this blockage investigated by a technician from Covenant Plumbing and likely schedule a drain cleaning service.

How Do You Prevent These Problems Happening?

  • Be careful what you put down a sink – Clogs in sinks are formed when grease, food, flour, and other materials stick to the insides of your drain pipes. To prevent clogs from happening you need to place these materials in the compost or in the trash.


  • Smaller clogs can be dealt with vinegar or some gentle chemicals, but overuse of harsh chemicals could cause corrosion to the drain pipes and joints and allow leaks to form. Most clogs are located far from the sink, so any chemical may not even reach the clog and will be of little use.


  • Use hair traps in your bath and shower tray – These devices can trap hair, excess toothpaste, and bits of soap before they enter the drainpipe. Always make sure the drain plug is in the sink so you can remove any debris before it gets flushed down your pipes.


  • Be careful what you put into a toilet – The only items that should be flushed down a toilet are water, human waste, toilet tissue, and some gentle cleaners and certainly not wet wipes, tissues, and some sanitary products. These items are hard to dissolve in water and if not flushed away properly will cause a blockage.


  • Do not keep flushing your toilet to clear a blockage – Repeatedly flushing the toilet is unlikely to remove a serious blockage, and the only outcome you are going to achieve is an overflow with germs and bacteria all over your floor.

We do not advise you to clean this mess up yourself but to have one of our technicians do it for you. They are equipped with protective clothing to keep them safe from infection. Once everything is cleaned up, they can get on with the job of locating and removing the source of the blockage.

Let Covenant Plumbing Deal with Your Drain Cleaning Service

Covenant Plumbing is the drain cleaning service expert in Normal, IL. A blocked toilet or drain can occur at the most inconvenient times and that is why we have technicians available 24/7. We understand the stress that you will be under if your toilet has overflowed, you just want somebody around to quickly fix the problem. We have many years of experience in providing a professional drain cleaning service. But whatever your plumbing needs are please call whenever you need us!.

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