Is Plumbing Service Always Problem-Based, Or Can It Be Proactive? | Normal, IL

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When you say the phrase “time to call the plumber!”, do you picture an overflowing sink or toilet, a broken water line, or stuck garbage disposal? Our plumbing service at Covenant Plumbing in Normal, IL provides solutions to problems, but we also offer many proactive services that help to keep your home’s plumbing in great shape, renewed as it ages, upgraded to make your house more enjoyable, and maintained so that fewer issues get to the point of problems to be solved on an emergency call. We serve homeowners in the Normal, IL area with our plumbing skills and expertise, pulling plastic dinosaurs out of toilets so life can get back to normal, and sitting down to talk about what kind of hot water supply is best, as the current tank-based model reaches the end of its service life. Even when it’s time to call in the troops and dig to repair a sewer line, we help our customers keep their peace of mind with plenty of information and support.

Water Heater Replacement Planning

You may be wondering how to avoid replacing your tank-based water heater in a hurry, mop in hand. Eventually, the tank will corrode, especially when hard water is a factor and you don’t have a water softener system. It can take between ten and fifteen years for it to happen, with proper maintenance, and our plumbing service can keep you advised about the condition of your tank so you’ll be able to plan. We can help you select a similar model that meets your needs and provides the energy efficiency you want, or plan for a different type of model, such as hybrid or tankless. It’s a real pleasure to mark your calendar for the work to be done, rather than the alternative.

Periodic Drain Cleaning Service

Another way you can schedule what for many people is an unfortunately spontaneous, often late-night, or otherwise inconvenient event is to plan your drain cleaning services. Our plumbing service can go through your home’s drains, inspecting and cleaning them from top to bottom, both fixtures, traps, secondary pipes, and all the way down. This ensures that clogs, blockages, and greasy gunk lining the pipe walls are all removed during a general cleaning visit, rather than as each situation that’s building upstairs to cause backups, overflows, and even multiple-sink events at random times. It’s a popular solution for homeowners, and with our video inspection gear, we can do it more effectively and also show you the condition of your pipes.

Sewer Line Inspection and Repairs

Video inspection is also an amazing way to deal with possible sewer line trouble when multiple lower-level sinks are starting to back up. Our plumbing service can look for cracks and damage in aging sewer lines, catch tree root intrusions, and find where groundwater is entering your line and causing backups during stormy weather. With our plumbing service video of your sewer line, you can plan your sewer repairs on your own schedule if your situation is not urgent, and we can use the images to offer a variety of new repair techniques that provide strong patching and relining of your pipe in many cases.

Leak Detection and Repair

If you’ve been a homeowner for some time, you may have experienced old school leak detection and repair, where plumbers had to hunt for the leak by cutting into walls and other spaces, even concrete floors, to reach and inspect pipes, then repair the pipe once the problem is found. Ultrasonic leak detection equipment and video inspection cameras allow us to accurately locate and determine the nature of the leak, a much less intrusive approach. With prompt, direct leak repairs, you can avoid problems like mold growth and even insect nesting prompted by moisture accumulating over time. Leak detection by our plumbing service can also be used to determine if the clues you’ve been observing actually represent a leak or not, giving you peace of mind without waiting for damp walls.


Multiple leaks often lead to a conversation about repiping, since they can be signs that the pipes are corroding. Some drain clogs can also be indicators that the pipes are aging and causing the material to hang up and gather where the older pipe is rough inside from corrosion and degradation. Video inspection in the course of addressing even one leak or clog can reveal the state of the pipes and lead to earlier recognition of emerging pipe issues. Knowledge is power here too, as our plumbing service team can help you plan repiping all or part of your home, a service that is common in older homes, and can be performed more efficiently these days.

Fixture Replacement and Upgrade

Leaky faucets and worn-out valves and shower mixer valves make great scheduled repairs before they become unreliable and someone tries to use force to shut one off, breaking it and causing a flood. Unreliable shower controls can be frustrating to operate or cause damage inside the bathroom wall needing repair and retiling. Let us help plan a wise replacement.

Washer Hose Replacement and Water Hammer Arrestor Installation

A bonus protection is taking care of your appliance hoses, which are made of rubber and are bound to fail. Stainless steel hoses last longer, and adding water hammer arrestors can protect your plumbing and appliances from pressure spikes. Great preventive care.

Our Plan-Ahead Plumbing Service Can Not Only Save Money But Stress As Well

When your plumbing service is Covenant Plumbing you have options and information to work with to keep on top of plumbing issues. Here in Normal, IL as with everywhere else, time takes its toll on pipes and equipment, and our experience and plumbing knowledge can help you choose a strategy that puts plumbing repairs and updates more on your schedule. Give us a call to find out more about how we can help lower your stress as a homeowner.

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