Valuing The Space In Which We Do Our Plumbing Service Work: How Our Process Makes A Difference | Bloomington, IL

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When you take some time and read the reviews, you’ll notice a few differences between plumbers besides their experience and skill. One is communication, where they provide information and make appointments that they keep. Another is courtesy, where they respectfully enter your home and provide services with care, minimizing disruptions to your family and taking precautions to protect your home from damage and mess. Yet another is the methods they use, which begin when they set up to do the work and end when they drive off, and include concerns such as finishing the job correctly, closing openings in the wall, gathering parts and trash for a clean sweep, and testing the work. If the work is outside, it’s important to make sure the work is done with excellence, then the trench or other openings in your yard are filled in properly so they’re safe and clean. There’s much more that goes into our process, but at this point, you can probably remember times or stories about times where missed steps in the process created an unfortunate plumbing service outcome. That’s why, at Covenant Plumbing in Bloomington, IL, our team of professional plumbers has standards and processes that we follow which display our plumbing company’s character and values.

Local and Fully Licensed, Serving Our Community Since 2006

It starts with our desire to help others. Professional plumbing skills provide a great way for us to help homeowners with some of the most challenging and stressful repair issues they face, including water line issues, hidden leaks, and sewer problems. By offering quality work and straightforward business practices, our licensed professionals bring our plumbing services to people in the Bloomington-Normal and McLean County region and surrounding areas. We provide services that enhance our customers’ quality of life and health as well, including water pressure adjustment, water quality management strategies, backflow testing, and expert repair of incoming water lines to avoid contamination.

Beautifying Your Home

Our expertise includes much more than skilled plumbing repairs. If you browse our gallery of kitchen and bathroom models, you’ll see how we can add peace and comfort to your home as well as modern styling and functionality. Our work can improve your home’s value, but we are especially good at improving the space you and your family are living in, so you can enjoy your moments together in the kitchen and start your day with an invigorating shower or standalone tub and convenient preparation area with a beautiful vessel-style sink. Would you like to combine that with tankless hot water to give everyone in your family equal access to hot water when they line up for showers and bathing? Our plumbing service offers tankless water heater systems that can also help you save on energy costs and repair bills.

Keep Your Home’s Plumbing Solid and Reliable

Many of our plumbing services are designed to bring your pipes and equipment up to a point where you can count on them. We handle leak detection and repair but also repiping when corrosion is starting to cause chronic leak problems. Our sewer repair skills provide long-lasting options for full pipe replacement when appropriate, reducing the disruption and digging by patching or relining your existing sewer pipe. Backflow prevention keeps contaminated water out of your pipes, even when the local water pressure has dropped due to water main problems or fire hydrant use. Another important plumbing service is our drain cleaning, which when performed on a whole-house basis annually can keep your drain problems limited to mostly items stuck in the toilet itself or sink drain since the drainpipes are clear.

Sump Pump Services Are Essential These Days

We don’t have to tell you that flooding is happening all over these days, the local area has seen recent floods that took quite a while to clean up from. No longer is a simple sump pump sitting with cobwebs in the basement enough to take care of potential water levels rising on your property. Our plumbing service team can check your current sump pump installation, clean it out, and make sure it’s operational. If you’re not already covered with a backup generator, let’s talk about other options such as battery backup for your pump system, and perhaps a secondary pump to equalize water pressure on your foundation by operating across the basement from the original, providing a backup pumping capacity should the first pump fail. Our plumbing service team can also reroute or bury your discharge pipe so that it stays in place and routes water far from your foundation, since many homes wind up with their discharge pipes disconnected for lawn mowing or other reasons, and water comes out and lands directly next to the foundation, accomplishing very little.

Outdoor Plumbing Issues

Have you had trouble with pipes freezing and hose connections needing frequent draining to avoid cold weather problems? Our team can help avoid the troubles that sudden cold snaps can bring to your plumbing, especially if you have exposed pipe runs such as over the sill or into the garage that could be insulated or even heated to keep them flowing. Let us clear outdoor drains for you and run pipes to your patio or gazebo for convenience, done professionally and with pride.

How Can We Serve You?

Whether you’re looking to beautify your home with remodeled spaces including your bathrooms and kitchen, or you need some basic repairs and upgrades, we’re the local plumbing company that works with you to do the job right.

Your Bloomington, IL Plumber with Solid Values

At Covenant Plumbing in Bloomington, IL, our plumbing service team incorporates our company’s values with their own high standards, resulting in a need for plumbing service we can be proud of and you can enjoy. We promise to provide the highest quality service every time. Get to know us and our team, and we hope you’ll find our ways of doing business refreshing.

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