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Imagine walking into your bathroom or your kitchen and suddenly discovering a very unpleasant smell. As a homeowner, this can be stressful on your part. Nobody wants a dirty and smelly bathroom or kitchen. Don’t worry! We can help you maintain a healthy drain and avoid unpleasant smells in your home. For other issues, get a plumbing service in Normal, IL. A licensed plumber would be able to address any plumbing issues and help you avoid problems down the road.

Causes of Drain Odor

Do you know why your drains smell bad? Below are the common reasons why.

Bacteria Buildup

This is one of the most common causes of drain smells. When you are not mindful of what you throw down the drain, food and dirt can get stuck inside the pipes. At first, you will experience a slow drain and if you get a complete blockage, expect nasty smells coming from your kitchen sinks.

Plumbing Errors

Forgetting to install sewage vents and drain traps can also lead to having nasty smells in your drains.

Get a plumbing service so a plumber can thoroughly inspect your drains, help you find out what’s causing the smell, and then help you alleviate the problem.

When getting a service, ensure that it’s from a licensed and reliable plumber in your area. Consider calling a plumber at Covenant Plumbing, as all of our plumbers are highly experienced. We are also equipped with the right tools to help you properly inspect and clean your drains.

How to Properly Clean Your Drains

We recommend that homeowners get a plumbing service so a plumber can properly clean their drains. Professional drain cleaning can help get rid of drain smells, and it can also keep your pipes healthy.

Pour about a liter of boiling water to eliminate those small food particles or grease in your pipes. Avoid using chemical-based cleaners in unclogging your drains as they are harmful to your pipes and your health.

You can also use the vinegar and baking soda solution to help you properly clean your drains. If you have a drain snake, you can also use this to get rid of minor clogs. For major clogs, get a plumber in Normal, IL, so a plumber can effectively help you get rid of the clog.

Avoiding Drain Problems in Your Plumbing

One of the things you can do to prevent drain clogs is to always be mindful of what you throw down the drain. You already know that large food particles, grease, and dirt shouldn’t be thrown down the drain or flushed in the toilet. Ensure that you educate the people in your home, so they are aware of this, and so they would also start taking care of your plumbing.

Below are some of the best ways to avoid drain clogs.

Install a Drain Guard

A drain guard is a small disk made with either metal or plastic, and they are designed to collect hair, debris, and dirt, so they don’t go down the drain and build up in your pipes. You can buy these at your local shop or get a plumbing service so a plumber can help you install drain guards.

No matter how mindful we are of what we throw down the drain, there may be times when we forget. With the drain guard, it will catch debris, dirt, and hair, so they don’t go to your pipes.

Buy a Proper Drain Cleaner

We have already discussed above how to clean your drains properly. Again, as much as possible, never use chemical-based cleaners as they can only harm our pipes. They are not the permanent solution to drain clogs. You can ask a plumber about what type of drain cleaning you can purchase. They may recommend the best drain cleaner based on the variety of plumbing pipes you have at home.

Wash Your Pets

When washing your pets, simply put a washcloth over the shower drain to catch your dog’s excess hair. This way, there won’t be a lot of hairs in your drain guard.

Clean Your Garbage Disposal

Make it a point to regularly clean your garbage disposal as they also contribute to smells in your kitchen. Then, run another cycle with just cold water and lemon to help freshen the smell.

Periodically Check Your Drains

As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to also inspect your drains from time to time. While you can get a plumbing service to help you unclog your drains, it’s always best when you also do your part. When you detect a problem, make sure that you do something about it. Either fix it on your own (if it’s a minor issue) or get a professional for help.

Schedule Professional Drain Cleaning Service

The most effective way to maintain a healthy drain is to get a plumbing service in your area. An experienced plumber can check the inside of your pipes using a plumbing camera, and he can accurately point out where the problem is. He can also help you alleviate the issue right away. Most importantly — when you get a plumbing service for professional drain cleaning, you’ll know that your drain is in good working condition. So long as you are always mindful of what goes down the drain, you shouldn’t worry about any drain problems down the road. Just ensure that you get regular plumbing service for your drains.

Get in Touch With Covenant Plumbing

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