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Most homes in Bloomington, IL, depend on water heaters for hot water supply. Hot water is the most valued resource for washing dishes, bathing, cleaning, and other household chores during the cold season. Water heaters are prone to have issues, such as low water pressure, overheating, and leakages when they become old with continuous usage. Leaks from the heater indicate serious problems that require urgent and reliable water heater repair services.

The leaks lead to water wastage which is a national concern. Household leaks account for almost one trillion gallons of water yearly. The leaking heater might damage your floors, walls, and other valuable properties if left without repairs. You might discover the leaks from your heater and fail to recognize the exact location of the leak, leaving you with no option but to find a technician offering water heater services to identify, diagnose, and fix the leakage.

A leaking water heater might have catastrophic repercussions to your home thus the need to take all leaks seriously and call for water heater repair services as soon as possible. The leaks might be from the bottom or top of the water heater, undetermined locations, or inside the tank. Here are some of the causes of water heater leaks in most homes.

Old Water Heater Tank

Older water heater tanks are susceptible to leak, especially if they are more than ten years old. Water leakages in water heating systems might be due to the wearing parts in the tank.

As the water heater ages, it will have more of its components deteriorating, leading to frequent leaks. Another cause of the leakage that is age-related involves rusting of the metallic parts in the tank. If you have been using the water heating unit for many years, corrosion is likely to lead to water leaks because it leads to cracks, allowing water to penetrate through.

The moment you notice the leakage, you should call for water heater repair services from a reliable plumbing company in Bloomington, IL. The experts might recommend the replacement of the worn-out or rusted components in the water heater. They might also suggest you buy another unit because the old one might still break down completely.

Malfunctioned Drain Valve

Water heater drain valves are responsible for emptying hot water from the tanks during repairs, replacements, and removal of accumulated sediments. The plumbers also use the drain valve to empty the tank to clean it during the regular maintenance process.

The valve might loosen and start leaking, compelling you to look for repair services from a prominent plumbing company. The technician might replace or tighten the loose valve depending on the extent of the problem. If the leaks are emerging from the valve, you should have it replaced by the plumber providing professional water heater services.

Too Much Pressure

Similar to other plumbing fixtures, too much pressure can lead to cracks and leakages. Heater pressure in water heaters is prone to happen due to the steam hot water produces, filling the space. The steam arises when the water temperatures are too high, increasing the pressure in the tank because it has no way to escape the heating system.

Another cause of the high heater pressure is the high pressure of water getting in the tank. The massive pressure leads to water leakages through any cracks in the tank. Requesting water heater repair services from trained and skilled plumbers will fix the problem and stop the leaks.

Inlet and Outlet Connections

The inlet connection to the water heating unit lets in cold water as the outlet supplies hot water to your house. When one of the connections is faulty, it will compromise the sufficient supply of hot water in your home’s plumbing fixtures. The inlet and outlet connections might loosen over time, causing leakages that might damage your floor, walls, or your valuables.

Failure to identify the leak on time, you might have massive damage, including water damage and mold growth that will damage your property. If you reach out to a plumber offering water heater repair services the moment you realize water leaks from your heating unit, it might help prevent mold growth and water damage.

Faulty Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve

Another cause of water leaks from the water heating unit is a malfunctioning temperature and pressure relief valve (T&P valve). The valve is responsible for lowering the temperature and pressure in the tank. However, when the T&P valve malfunctions, the pressure inside the water heating tank increases, causing leakages as the water gets out through any cracks it finds in the tank. The valve might also be loose, hence the leak. The plumber you hire for water heater repair services should tighten the T&P valve or replace it if it is faulty to stop the leakage.

Sediment Accumulation

Mineral buildup in the water heater tank leads to additional issues, including low water pressure, corrosion, overheating, and leaking if you fail to get regular maintenance solutions from a reputable company. The sediments accumulate at the bottom of your water heating tank as it continues to get old, leading to cracks and leaks.

To stop the leaks, you will need a plumber providing water heater repair services. When the tank cracks, it will require you to get a new water heating system, which can be costly, denying you the much-needed hot water if you can get it straight away. So, to avert paying for expensive repair services and replacements, you should hire a plumber to carry out routine draining and cleaning of the tank.

Non-existent Anode Rod

A non-existent rod is another reason for leaks emerging from your water heater. It is responsible for attracting all the rusting substances in the water heater to prevent it from damaging. As the rod attracts more and more corrosion in the tank, it becomes non-existent, leaving a hole in its place. It causes water to leak from the tank. Getting professional help from a plumbing company offering water heater repair services to identify the problem and promptly replace the anode rod will fix the problem.

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