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Kitchen sinks are one of the most used plumbing fixtures in homes. You can wash utensils and clean groceries and raw foods such as rice before cooking them. Since the sinks are used often, they are susceptible to drainage problems such as slow draining and stagnant wastewater.

A worse situation is sewer backups of the wastewater because they lead to odors that can decrease air quality in your home. Without an immediate fix by the plumbing service provider, the situation can worsen your house and be a health hazard. Some homeowners opt to use a plunger to eliminate the disgusting mess, but this can only be a short-term solution since the kitchen’s drainage system needs a plumbing expert to clean it thoroughly.

To prevent incurring unexpected repair expenses and experiencing inconveniences while conducting your kitchen cleaning chores, you should not drain non-biodegradable items through the sink. Some of the common causes of clogging problems in your kitchen are discussed below.

Fat, Oil, and Grease

Kitchen drain pipes are susceptible to operation defects due to fat, oil, and grease drained through your home’s kitchen sink. Frequent draining of these components down the sink drain makes them build up in the pipes over time and solidify to create clogs.

Some homeowners believe that pouring hot water through the sink drains can eliminate the problem. It could be your lucky day if the trick works but be sure the fix can’t last for a long time because the fat clogs have occupied lots of spaces in the interior of the drainage pipes. You can turn to a plumbing service expert to offer thorough drain cleaning services to restore your drains into perfect working condition.

The plumbing expert can also recommend a regular maintenance plan for tour kitchen drains to prevent experiencing the clogging problem in the future. The best alternative to get rid of fats, oils, and grease is to pour them into a disposable container, seal it, and then toss it in your trash bin.

Pipe Scale

Pipe scale is another common cause of clogs in your kitchen’s drainage system. You can be very cautious and vigilant on what’s going through the drains and still get surprised when your sink starts showcasing slow-draining patterns. In such circumstances, pipe scale could be a probable cause.

The natural substance arises from dissolved chemical components such as magnesium, calcium, and metallic elements. The particles react to different temperature ranges and frequent wet-dry conditions, producing a pipe scale that accumulates in one spot.

Over time, the scale grows to an obstructive size, causing blockages. You should get a plumbing service professional to flush out the scale immediately. If you don’t, you may experience complex clogging that can, in turn, lead to backups and overflowing of wastewater, damaging your kitchen flooring. You should get a qualified and reliable plumbing expert in Normal, IL, to eliminate pipe scale clogs in your kitchen’s drain pipes. The expert can also recommend the best water softener brand to help purify the clean water from your kitchen sink faucets.

Food Leftovers

Sometimes you may exaggerate measurements while cooking a meal and prepare one that’s more than enough for you and your family members. Also, you may tend to leave bits of food on your plate. Such incidents give rise to food leftovers. Before cleaning dishes in the kitchen sink and dishwasher, ensure you dispose of the leftover food into a garbage bag and seal it tightly to maintain good hygiene within your home.

If the leftovers find their way into the kitchen’s drainage system, a vast clogging problem will be on the way. When you notice slow drains and stinking water with food particles bucking up into your kitchen sinks, then it’s time to seek help from a plumbing expert that specializes in drain cleaning. The plumbing service specialist can use clog detection equipment to trace the situation of clogs in your drains and apply the necessary techniques to make wastewater flow smoothly through your sink.


Although you can prevent some clog-causing incidents, nature can be hard to control. Some homes have drainage systems with ventilations. These ventilations have spaces that can be a throughway for small rodents, leaves, sticks, debris, and dirt. Over time, these components gather in the drain pipes leading to the sewer system.

If you don’t seek regular drain cleaning solutions from a reliable plumbing service company in Normal, IL, the whole drainage system in your home could experience notorious backflow problems. If you have a drainage system with ventilation spots, you can plan with a plumbing service professional to create and implement a regular inspection and drain cleaning plan.

Undersized Drain Pipes

Unless you’ve been the sole owner of a home it may be challenging to know the correct sizes of pipes that make up your kitchen’s drainage system. You may have made some kitchen sink additions over time when your family continues to grow big. If your plumbing service contractor didn’t ascertain if the sizes of drain pipes fit the additional workload, clogging problems could occur anytime soon in your Norman, IL, home.

If you recently added kitchen sinks in your home., consider looking for a certified and experienced plumbing service provider to assess whether your drainage pipes need to be replaced with big-sized ones or not. Afterward, the plumbing service specialist should offer complete and error-free drainage pipe installation services.

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