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Bathroom drains are responsible for sucking wastewater from bathroom sinks, tubs, and showers and directing it to the main sewer line or a septic tank. Clogged bathroom drains are one of the recurring plumbing problems in most Bloomington, IL, homes. The clogs can lead to severe plumbing issues, including overflowing sinks and backups, compelling you to call for a professional drain cleaning service provider.

Some of the blockages might be easy to unclog, while others might be complicated, hence the need for more experienced and skilled plumbers to use more sophisticated and state-of-the-art drain cleaning tools. So, no matter the extent of the blockage problem, you should always call a drain cleaning expert to unclog your bathroom drainage system. The following are some of the causes of clogged bathroom drains.


One of the frequent reasons behind the clogged bathtub and shower drains is human hair and animal fur because of their non-biodegradable characteristics. Hair is prone to build up in the drains over time, causing a clog that hinders the free flow of wastewater through to the sewer lines.

A trained drain cleaning expert will come in handy in unclogging the blockage by plunging the drains. The plumber will also use a plumber snake to remove any stubborn hair accumulation. The drain plumber should also install hair strainer drain guards in all drainage exits in your home’s bathrooms to avert the possibility of a recurring bathroom clog due to hair.

Mineral Build-Up

Homeowners can experience a bathroom clog due to mineral accumulation. Hard water is the common cause of mineral accumulation in drain pipes, leading to a clog. Lack of routine drain maintenance will enable minerals to accumulate in one place of the bathroom drain, causing a blockage that will stop dirty and used water from flowing to the sewer line.

You will notice cases of backups and slow draining of the wastewater. Removing the mineral-related clog requires an experienced drain cleaning service professional to dismantle the drain pipes and flush them. After unclogging, the drain cleaning expert might install a water softener on the main water supply line to reduce cases of mineral accumulation that cause drain clogs.


If you think dirt cannot lead to a clog, then you’re mistaken. Dirt and debris arising from washing pet paws and your shoes can accumulate over time in the drain pipes and cause blockages. If it combines with hair in the drainage system, it will hinder the smooth running of the drains.

The drain cleaning professional you hire should use high-pressure drain cleaners and cleaning augers to suck the dirt out, allowing dirty and surplus water from your bathroom to pass to the septic tank. So, to avoid dirt from building up in your bathroom drain pipes, you should shake or wash excess mud or dirt outside your house instead of the bathroom.

Tree Roots

If your drainage system is located adjacent to growing trees, a small crack in the pipes makes them susceptible for the roots to penetrate and find their way into the drain pipes. The tree roots block the pipes, compromising the free flow of wastewater from your bathroom to the sewer line. Getting a drain cleaning contractor to change the route of the drainage system to areas free from trees is necessary. It’s because further delays mean the trees continue growing and can compromise the whole drainage system.

As the tree roots enlarge and extend inside the drain pipes, they might burst, causing severe water damage in your compound. The flowing wastewater can destroy your property and structures, causing a sizable dent in your pocket to pay drain cleaning service providers to fix the complex mess. This isn’t a bathroom drain problem that you can afford to postpone.

Oil and Grease

You can also have a clog in your bathroom drains because of pouring oil and grease down the drains. The greasy and oily liquids tend to solidify inside the drain system leading to a blockage in the pipes. A drain cleaning service expert will either plunge the drainage system or use grease-dissolving products to unclog it. However, to avert blockages caused by oil, it is wise to avoid pouring any greasy or oily liquid down your bathroom drain system.

Soap Scum

Since soap is the most used product in bathrooms, getting a drain clog due to soap scum is expected. Failure to enroll in a maintenance program with a reliable drain cleaning service provider for regular bi-annual cleaning is likely to lead to soap scum accumulation in the drains.

The accumulated soap residue reduces the diameter space in the pipe, leading to standing water in your bathtubs and bathroom floors. The worst situation is when you start experiencing backflows. It’s an urgent issue that needs to be handled by a drain cleaning service professional to carry out pressure cleaning.

Plants and Leaves

Your home in Bloomington, IL, probably has plants and trees in the yard which can also accommodate drain pipes on the ground. If it cracks, the leaves and plants might get their way in during the rainy season. The drain cleaning service expert you get should have the necessary skills to fish out all the plants and leaves clogging your bathroom drain system and flush it.

Corroding Pipes

Drain pipes made of metal or steel are prone to corrode with time. If they rust and bend, the metal will prevent wastewater from passing through to the sewer line. The clog it causes might also come with additional plumbing issues of leaking or bursting pipes, leading to adverse repercussions to your property. Drain cleaning service professionals can fix the problem by replacing the old pipes with new drain ones, lowering the chances of corrosion.

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Clogging drains are one of the most common plumbing issues in most households. It is a problem that requires professional plumbing services to remove the substances hindering wastewater from moving to the septic or sewer lines.

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