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It’s crucial to call a plumber in Normal, IL, right away when you encounter frequent clogs in your home. When they are not addressed, clogs can lead to costly plumbing emergencies such as a clogged sewer system. You could be dealing with an even bigger problem like a flooded basement filled with feces and other things. When there are clogs in your system, ensure that you call a plumber immediately, so the issue gets resolved.

Common Causes of Clogged Pipes

No matter how careful you are with your drains, sometimes food particles and debris get into them. Eventually, you may have to deal with a minor clog in your home. You must know what causes clogs so you can avoid them, and you must know what else to do to avoid clogs in your home. Speak with a professional in Normal, IL, if you need help with this.

What clogs your drains:

Tree roots – If there are trees near your plumbing, we suggest that homeowners do something about it. Avoid planting trees close to your plumbing as they can penetrate pipes outdoors and lead to costly clogs. One of the common signs of a clog is when there are puddles of water in your lawn or when the grass is wet. Call a plumber immediately so they can inspect your plumbing and resolve the problem before it leads to a major plumbing emergency.

Dirt, hair and debris – Ensure that you have a tub or sink strainer to catch hair and debris and prevent them from clogging your drains. They are one of the common issues of drains and can lead to a costly clogging problem when not addressed right away. Call a plumbing company immediately so they can help you alleviate the issue.

Oil, grease, fat – It’s never a good idea to throw these down the drain. Grease can stick to the pipes and solidifies, leading to a clog. What you can do with oil is put them in the fridge, so they freeze. Throw them in the trash after. You can also speak with a professional to help you manage your food waste better.

Other objects – Do you have kids at home? Ensure they’re aware that the only thing that gets flushed in the toilet is human waste, not their little toys or other foreign objects.

You can prevent major clogs in your homes so long as you know how to take care of your plumbing. It’s also best when you call a plumber to help you maintain your drains.

Why You Need to Get Professional Drain Cleaning

Apart from doing your part to help you maintain your drains, we recommend that homeowners hire a plumber for a professional drain cleaning. This service ensures that your drains are healthy and you won’t constantly experience clog problems.

Licensed plumbers are equipped with tools that they can use to inspect the drains’ interior and make sure that they are in great condition. If there are problems, your plumbing company can immediately fix them to avoid costly plumbing repairs down the road.

A professional drain cleaning is essential as it can detect problems early. Early detection can avoid major plumbing emergencies in the future.

When getting a professional drain cleaning service, ensure that it’s with a licensed plumber. Avoid hiring a handyman as they may not be fully equipped and experienced to do drain cleaning properly.

Avoid Chemical-Based Cleaners

Some homeowners would resort to buying chemical drain cleaners to help them get rid of the clogs. While some of them may work, these heavily advertised cleaners are not the permanent solution. Also, they can damage your pipes and can even harm you when you’re not careful.

As much as possible, avoid them. What you can do is maintain your drains and avoid things that can clog them. For regular cleaning, you can use vinegar or baking soda. Pouring a little hot water down your drains regularly can also help. But the best thing you can do when you encounter a problem is to call a plumber right away.

Fixing and Preventing Clogs

If you have the basic plumbing tools at home and know how to use them, consider fixing just minor clogs in your home. For major clogs, ensure that you call a professional for help.

When the clog is really stubborn, professionals use a camera to help them inspect the interior of the pipes and determine the root cause of the problem. Don’t worry; professionals at Covenant Plumbing are highly experienced in tackling any clogging issue, no matter how stubborn they are.

To prevent clogs, ensure that you know how to dispose of your food, especially grease and fat. In the bathroom, always use strainers to keep your drained hair and debris-free. When using your garbage disposal, always follow instructions and avoid food that may clog your system. For your toilet, flush only human waste to avoid problems in the future. Toilet problems are a real hassle and can be very inconvenient. You can avoid this when you are always cautious.

There are always things you can do to help you fix clogs. However, it’s always best that you can prevent it to avoid other problems with your plumbing. You can extend the lifespan of your plumbing system when you know how to take care of it. When you’re in doubt and don’t know what to do, call a professional.

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