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When your drains are in poor condition, everything can go wrong. From clogged sinks and shower drains to backed-up toilets, drain cleaning services are an important way to keep your plumbing system moving smoothly.

Common Reasons for Clogged Drains

Clogged drains can happen for a variety of reasons. Things like the drain’s location, usage, and design can impact its need for plumbing services. Here are a few common types of drains and the reason they may get stopped up.

Sink Drains

Depending on where your sink is, it could be clogged with dirt, food waste, hair, or even things like paint and glue. If you have a regularly used sink that’s starting to get backed up too often, it’s time for our experts to provide professional drain cleaning.

  • Hair
  • Dirt
  • Food waste

Regular sink drain maintenance can be an important part of avoiding drain emergencies. If you run a busy kitchen or use your sink for projects involving clay or paint, you should consider a professional inspection from Covenant Plumbing.

Shower and Bath Drains

Drains in your bathtub or shower can get backed up by in-house debris like dirt or hair, but they can also get blocked by things outside your home. In fact, tree roots can work their way inside cracked drainage pipes underground and cause all sorts of trouble.

  • Dirt (underground or inside)
  • Hair
  • Tree roots
  • Residual soap build-up

To avoid shower and bathtub drain blockages, you should get regular inspections of your piping and drain systems from Covenant Plumbing. These can be especially valuable if you have an older building that may need replacement plumbing eventually.

Washing Machine Drains

Drain cleaning service is a vital part of your washing machine’s lifespan. Regular cleaning can help you avoid back-ups, particularly for older models. If you do have a blockage, it’s likely due to soap build-up, residual dryer lint, or grease and other oils.

  • Soap build-up
  • Dryer lint and other cloth fragments
  • Grease
  • Residual oils

You already know how important a washing machine is. If your machine is backed up, our experts are ready to provide drain cleaning service, quickly and affordably.

Dishwasher Drains

Like washing machine drains, dishwasher drains are a vital part of your plumbing system. If your dishwasher gets stopped up, you could be dealing with food waste or other debris like glass.

  • Food waste
  • Glass (from chipped dishes)
  • Plastic wrap
  • Other foreign objects

When your dishwasher stops working, you need it fixed fast. We get it. That’s why our plumbing experts are ready to fix your dishwasher drain problem with reliable, honest service.

When Multiple Drainage Systems Stop Working

Sometimes, drain problems are caused by multiple plumbing system malfunctions. In these cases, it’s a good idea to get a drain cleaning service as well as a general system inspection.

My Sink Backs Up When I Run My Dishwasher

If your sink gets clogged when your dishwasher is on, you could be facing a blocked kitchen sink air gap. This stops your dishwasher from draining properly and gives you a backed-up sink as a result.

You may also be experiencing a dishwasher blockage. Either way, our experienced team at Covenant Plumbing can provide drain cleaning services to get your kitchen up and running again.

My Faucet and Drain Aren’t Working

If a faucet and rain stop working at the same time, you could be dealing with two problems: A clogged drain and an old faucet aerator.

At Covenant Plumbing, we can take on both problems.

My House Keeps Getting Drainage Clogs in Multiple Places

If your house is experiencing multiple drain back-ups in several different places, you could have a clog somewhere in your main plumbing drain system rather than in each individual fixture or appliance.

This can happen for a variety of reasons, so it’s best to get in contact with a professional right away. A blockage in your main system requires immediate drain cleaning service to avoid bigger issues like overflowing toilets or burst pipes.

Signs of Hidden Clogs

In some cases, you might not realize you have a clogged drain before it’s too late. This can happen in larger buildings, such as offices, where some areas are used less than others. But it can also happen if a drain is blocked further down the drain line while letting some drainage occur.

To avoid a drainage emergency, keep an eye out for these signs of a hidden drain:

  • Small puddles of water showing up near plumbing fixtures
  • Water backing up into your sink
  • Bad smells near your drains
  • Water backing up into your shower or bathtub

If any of these symptoms show up, you could have the start of a drain blockage. Call us right away and we’ll set up an appointment for professional drain cleaning service before it’s too late.

Covenant Plumbing: The Best Drain Cleaners in Bloomington, IL

Clogged drains can be a nightmare, but with Covenant Plumbing, you can rest easy knowing our professional drain cleaners are only a phone call away. Just take a look at what these happy customers have to say:

“Everything about this service call was exceptional. The communication before and after the service was very good. The plumbers were friendly and professional, and they took the time to explain options to us…We will use Covenant for our future plumbing needs.” -Alan M.

“They were able to come the same day I called and kept me informed of who was coming…[They]…completed the toilet replacement quickly and even addressed a low pressure problem with my bathroom sink faucet…I couldn’t be more satisfied and happy with the whole experience. I will definitely recommend Covenant to my neighbors and friends.” -Robin M.

From clogged sinks to backed-up dishwashers, our team is ready to quickly provide the best drain cleaning services in Bloomington, IL.

Call us at Covenant Plumbing today for all your drain cleaning service needs: (309) 603-1253

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