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Most homes in the US use hot water for different purposes ranging from showering, washing dishes, doing laundry, and sterilizing equipment. A water heater is undoubtedly an essential appliance in your home because it provides the hot water you need. The different water heaters in Bloomington, IL, include conventional, condensing, solar, gas, tankless, and heat pumps. The post preferred heaters use gas or electricity to heat water. They are responsible for providing the hot water you get in your kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

However much the benefits you receive from water heaters, the appliance would probably experience defects in its lifetime just as other household appliances. Some problems might be mild while others beyond repairs hence the need for water heater replacement services from a trustworthy plumbing company. Here are some of the signs that show your water heater is faulty.

Leaking Water Tank

Leakages are one of the most common plumbing problems experienced in most households in the US. To fix the leaking issue, you should first understand the causes.

i) Poor Installation

Sometimes you may be unlucky to get a non-qualified plumber who afterward installs your new water heater poorly. Poor installation can lead to multiple issues, including frequent water tank leaks. The problem can be costly to rectify because it will need another professional plumber with extensive experience in water heater replacement to reinstall the heating system correctly. So, always ensure you look for legit plumbers in your area as you look for installation service providers.

ii) Lack of Maintenance

Some homeowners forgo the importance of water heater maintenance as long as they get hot water. Your water heater starts leaking abruptly and intensively. It could be because you have never had a plumber conduct maintenance checks on the appliance. It should be enough to warn you that it could be completely defective. Sometimes repairs may be costly and not effective since the system is permanently damaged. At this point, you’ll need a water heater service because most components of the heating unit are leaking.

iii) Faulty Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve

Leakage in the water tank is also a sign that a temperature and pressure (t&p) relief valve has malfunctioned. The cause of the damaged relief valve is associated with the age of the water heating unit. The life expectancy of solar heaters is up to 20 years, which is longer than the lifetime of conventional gas and electric heaters.

After serving you for a long time, the t&p relief valve can easily break down and stop functioning normally. The relief valve starts failing when the water heating system is more than ten years old. A plumber in Bloomington, IL, specializing in water heaters and their replacement should check the temperature and pressure relief valve and replace it if it is faulty to stop the leakage in the water heater tank.

iv) Old Heaters

An old water heating appliance might also leak, a clear sign that it requires immediate replacement. To get quality replacement services, you’ll need the services of a water heater replacement specialist from a reliable company. The plumbing contractor should upgrade your heater to the latest water heating unit available in the market. You can consider a tankless system since it comes with added advantages over conventional units. Additionally, the electric heat pumps are now in high demand because they meet the new federal water-heating standards that allow a nominal capacity that is more than 55 gal.

Other causes of water leaks in heating units might include a stuck valve, overheating, and loose heating bolts. The plumbing expert you contract should use their expertise to tighten loose connections in the heater to stop the leakage. If the leaking persists, hiring an expert to carry out the replacement of the gasket is essential to end leaks and ensure your water heater is fully functional.

Water Temperatures

Another sign of a malfunctioning water heating system is water temperatures. Changes in water temperatures are among the most common heating issues encountered by most homeowners. The recommended water heating temperatures should be around 1200F for household usage. Therefore, the following water temperatures are a sign that your water heating equipment is faulty.

i) Too Hot Water

When the water coming out of your plumbing faucets connected to water heating equipment is too hot, it is a sign of a big problem with your system. The high water temperatures can speed up corrosion, mineral build-up, and scalding. The issues will make the system malfunction hence the need for a water heater replacement that will operate properly.

ii) Cold Water

At times your heater can become defective, providing cold instead of hot water. One of the reasons for this defect is power-related. If there is no electricity, it is not a problem because your electric water heating system only functions when power is available. However, if there is power and the water from the heater is cold, it is an issue that needs to be inspected by a professional to diagnose the problem and fix it. One of the causes for the low-temperature water could be a faulty thermostat in the heating system.

The thermostat is responsible for regulating the water temperatures and might have broken down due to poor maintenance. A hired expert with water heater replacement and repair skills must check if the circuit breaker has tripped and fix it for the heating equipment to operate efficiently. The technicians can also inspect the thermostat fuse and carry out water heater replacement assessments to replace other defective components, including anti-scald valves, the electric switch, and the energy-saving timer. Before leaving your property, the water heater expert will run the system and check if it’s operating effectively.

iii) Warm Water

Another sign of water heater issues is evident when the water is not hot enough. The warm water from the heater might be due to crossed hot and cold connections, undersized heating units, and faulty thermostats. Contacting a professional to determine the exact problem is the best and wise step to take. The expert will check the thermostat and other components of the heater to identify the problem. If the water heater is undersized for your home, the water heater replacement technician will recommend the appropriate size and handle the installation. If the thermostat settings are wrong, the plumbing contractor will adjust it to ensure the water coming out of your faucets into your plumbing fixtures is hot.

Discolored Water

If the hot water coming out of your taps is discolored, it is another sign that the heating system is faulty. The dirty water is an indicator that the inner lining and the anode rods of your water heating tank are corroding hence a sudden breakdown of the heating unit. Once you notice the discolored water, you should hire a professional to get water heater replacement services. The plumber will replace the anode rod and the inner lining, and can also recommend upgrading to tankless water heaters, which have no anode rods prone to rust after a while.

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