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From drain cleaning to hot water heater maintenance, there are many seasonal plumbing services that we provide to our regular customers. Some also gather a to-do list for us of faucet fixes and appliance hose replacements, slow drains, and weak showers, and we make a visit to check everything off. There are also longer-term plumbing service projects that may not be on this year’s calendar, but should be on the budget for the future, like a water heater replacement. With our experience, we can often give our customers some idea of when those services are likely to be needed, helping them to have some stability in their life as a homeowner. At Covenant Plumbing, we’re not only your professional plumbing service provider for the Bloomington, IL area, we’re also your plumbing information source.

Drain Cleaning, a Favorite of the Well-Prepared Homeowner

Emergency plumbers will tell you that drain clogs have many origins. Sometimes they encounter an easy fix, where an object fell into the toilet or some hair gathered in the sink drain. Other times there’s been a long-term accumulation of grease, soap scum, and material in the drainpipe below the sink, the P-trap from there, the pipe to the wall which is often horizontal, and the main drain pipe in the wall, which can jam up along the way or just at the joint from local plumbing. Beyond that, a clog below from material in the main pipe from a lower floor, or even a backup from the sewer line to the street can all slow the flow. When drain lines don’t keep moving, more clogs can gather as the slow water gives them a chance to hang on. Without regular drain cleaning, a plumber responding to an emergency has lots of places to look for the problem. If the home’s pipes are regularly cleaned and inspected, finding a clog is usually much simpler. That’s why homeowners like to schedule a regular cleaning, and then try to keep kids with action figures away from the toilet.

Water Heater Maintenance and Repair

Regular maintenance and necessary repairs for your hot water heater not only give you better showers and laundry but help your water heater tank last longer. Many water heaters have dual thermostats, so they can partially heat your water in case of a malfunction, so this is one area a repair would be very helpful. Anode rods need regular inspection and periodic replacement to help the unit maintain its tank integrity against corrosion, and the pressure relief valve should be checked or if it is leaking, either replaced or investigated for actual pressure problems in the water heater.

Water Line Leak Detection and Repair

If you’re concerned about your water usage, we can help you determine if you have any major or hidden leaks that could be adding to your water bill or causing damage to your walls and ceiling. We can also make a big difference with smaller repairs, as toilet valves, sink faucets, and other smaller-scale leaks can add up to thousands of gallons lost to waste in a typical home over a year. An annual inspection with possible cleaning, maintenance, and repairs is a great idea to keep your hot water system out of trouble.

Routine Faucet and Fixture Maintenance

Small tasks are sometimes the most difficult to schedule since they still require making time, getting parts at the store, performing the repair, and if it’s the first time, sometimes repairing the repair. Scheduling a plumbing service that gathers together a number of leak fixes, faucet maintenance, appliance hose replacement, and other routine items can wipe your to-do list clean in a professional way. You might find that there are a few other important items that should be tended to, such as adding a simple water line shutoff for a sink that doesn’t have one, installing water hammer arrestors to prevent appliance automatic valves from causing harmful pressure spikes, and making sure that the garbage disposal and dishwasher installation has proper clear venting to avoid backflow.

Upgrading and Adding Appliances

Installation technicians can connect your new and replacement appliances, but having your professional plumbing service perform the installation adds an important level of care to the process. Your plumber is able to review the current installation and make any changes for safety, reliable operation, and even plumbing code compliance that are necessary. Your plumbing service can even cap the current installation location and run pipes to a new location to relocate your dishwasher or washing machine for convenience or as part of an overall remodeling plan. Of course, if you’d like to add a bar sink, switch to a double sink, change to a more advanced or convenient kitchen faucet, or make other modifications, your plumbing service is ready to serve you.

Thinking About Major Plumbing Work for the Future

There are some plumbing services that are needed once during the ownership of a Bloomington, IL home, or not at all. These include major water line repairs, slab leak repairs, sewer line repairs, and repiping. These often involve digging around or under the home or in the walls, and significant skilled work to make the repairs. Our experience and technologies can help us use video and sound technologies to explore your sewer and other pipes, and listen for pipe leaks, allowing us to give you some idea of whether significant repairs might be in your near or distant future.

Use Our Expertise to Handle Plumbing Emergencies and Plan Ahead for Routine Services

We’re Covenant Plumbing, serving the Bloomington, IL area and keeping homeowners on track with updated, reliable plumbing in their homes. Our team of professional plumbers tackle your plumbing calls with experience, knowledge, and training that make us the ones to call when you need urgent help. They’re the right ones to ask when you’re not sure about plumbing decisions. Give us a call for your plumbing service needs and get to know us.

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