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Drains are an essential part of your home’s plumbing system. As plumbing fixtures supply clean water in your bathroom, the sanitary drainage system eliminates used water to the sewer systems. Toilet drainage is also crucial in your home because it disposes of black water effectively.

Well-maintained bathroom drains last long and this prevents multiple plumbing issues, which may be costly to fix by drain cleaning service professionals, from happening. Proper and smoothly running drainage can also enhance the value of your home, in case you want to sell it and acquire another one. If you fail to execute an effective drainage maintenance plan, you should expect problems, including:

Leaking Drain Pipes

Drainage pipes allow the free flow of wastewater to the septic tank. Bathroom drain pipes can wear and tear or have loose joints due to high water pressure when draining tubs, and it can lead to leakages. The high-speed water zipping through the pipes can make the pipes burst and start leaking. Another cause of drain pipe leaks is corroded copper or galvanized steel pipes. The two pipe materials are susceptible to rust, which may lead to small or huge cracks from the inside of the pipes, causing leakages that can lead to health complications.

Extreme temperatures can also contribute to rupturing drain pipes connected to your bathroom during the winter season. Wastewater flowing from your bathroom to the sewers can freeze, fracturing the pipes. Detecting the leakages in your bathroom drain pipes can be difficult for you but an experienced drain cleaning service expert can do the job easily and perfectly. They can use advanced tools and equipment to inspect for cracks on pipes and identify leakage spots.

The professionals can also look out for signs of drain pipe leakages, including greener patches in yards and black mold on walls. Sometimes bathroom and toilet drains are conjoined at some point and an unpleasant odor can insinuate in your bathroom can imply the drains are leaking. After identifying the leaking issue in your bathroom and toilet drains, the drain cleaning technicians should make the necessary repairs or replacements to prevent disasters that will damage your personal and valuable property and decrease your home’s value.

Clogged Drains and Overflows

Drainage pipes are susceptible to clogging issues that cause overflows and stagnation in bathroom sinks and floors, tubs, and toilets. Blockages are among the most common bathroom issues experienced by homeowners. The toilets, bathtubs, shower drains, and bathroom sinks can block because of accumulated soap scum, toothpaste, toilet rolls, and small objects, which hamper the free flow of wastewater to sewer lines and tanks. Clogged toilets can also overflow and cause water damage in your home in Bloomington, IL without proper cleaning and unclogging by a drain cleaning service professional.

Another cause of floods inside bathrooms might be burst or leaking drain pipes under your bathroom sink, tubs, or toilets. Instead of draining wastewater to sewage and septic tanks, the water leaks on your bathroom floor, and the stinking water can flow to other parts of your house. If you don’t act promptly to look for a plumber, the magnitude of floods in your home can be uncontrollable. Therefore, if you notice slow drains in your bathroom sink and standing water in your shower drains, you should talk to a drain cleaning service provider for emergency services.

Floods that arise from blocked toilets and bathroom drains compromise your indoor air quality and make it unbearable to stay in your home until you get water damage restoration services from a customer-oriented company. Therefore, the moment you realize stagnant water after taking a shower or brushing your teeth, it is time to call a drain cleaning service contractor to come and fix the problem as soon as possible. The technician will address the problem promptly, ensuring your drains operate smoothly and you save your home from destruction arising from sewer backup and flooding.

Bathroom Drain Odor

The drainage system in your bathroom is responsible for the transfer of toothpaste, soap particles, germs, dirt water, and solid waste from your house to the sewer system. Wet drain pipes combined with the contaminants washed away give bacteria room to grow.

The bacteria build up in the drains and produce a pungent odor that will permeate your home’s environment. Failure to have a drain cleaning provider in Bloomington, IL, to regularly clean your drains can aggravate the unpleasant smell in your home., compromising its healthy and clean indoor air quality.

Another source of bathroom odor could be toilet drain leaks from the wax ring that seals the drains. Faulty toilet bowls damage the wax ring which can leak out blackwater, producing a bad odor in the bathroom. If the defective wax ring isn’t examined and fixed by a drain cleaning service expert with immediate effect, the smell can spread to other rooms in your home.

Bathroom odors render homes uncomfortable to stay in and can cause health problems to the dwellers. Sewer gas, a byproduct of natural human waste, and other gases such as ammonia can be toxic at higher levels. Exposure to lower toxic sewer gas poisoning in your home can cause headaches, nausea, fatigue, and poor concentration. A drain cleaning service technician should clean and fix the problem, restoring the healthy indoor air quality and comfort in your home.

Corroded Pipes

Drain pipe corrosion is a common problem you can encounter with your bathroom drains, especially if they have served you for quite some time. When you notice discoloration and stains under your bathroom sink or the bathtub, it is a sign of rusty pipes. If your house in Bloomington, IL, is old, a drain cleaning service provider should inspect the pipes to ensure they are in good condition.

The best solution while dealing with corroded drain pipes is to replace them with new ones to avert drainage issues such as leakages. Additionally, the drain cleaning plumber can recommend purchasing drain pipes that are not prone to corrosion to last longer and function at peak performance.

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