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Drain Cleaning Service: How To Unclog Your Basement Floor Drains | Bloomington, IL

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Clogging of drains may be one of the most common problems that you face. Many homeowners are cautious about clearing out the bathroom, and laundry room drains. However, most of them tend to forget the basement floor drains.

The floor drains in your basement play an essential role in the plumbing system of your home. They are highly susceptible to several blockages as most of the waste and water from your home flows downwards with gravity.

Minor clogs can easily worsen with time if you do not clean your basement floor drains effectively. It is essential to hire an efficient drain cleaning service in Bloomington, IL, to prevent excessive damage and water leakage. Read on to know the different ways you can try to unclog your basement floor drains.

Why Is Your Basement Floor Drain Clogging?

Before you begin your attempts to unclog your basement floor drain, it is better to know what is causing such blockage. This gives you a better chance to explore the most effective method to clear the drain.

The following are the most common causes that lead to clogging of basement floors:

Debris and Dust

A drain cleaning service finds dirt, debris, and dust among the most common causes of blockage in basement floor drains. While cleaning your basement, you may end up sweeping most debris and dust into the basement floor drain. This causes frequent clogs.


Loose hair strands have an annoying habit of falling off anywhere. You may find some of them in your basement. These may end up collecting in the basement floor drain. With time, their accumulation builds and slows down the water flow in the drains.

Toys and Other Materials

You may store various things in your basement. Some smaller items such as kid’s toys, beads, or empty containers may get stuck in your basement floor drain. This blockage may lodge deeper into the drain. It becomes difficult to remove them. You may need the support of a drain cleaning service to unclog the basement floor drain.

How to Unclog Your Basement Floor Drains

When you notice that your basement floor drains are clogged, it is necessary to take swift action. If you live in Bloomington, IL, you can easily find a good drain cleaning to do the job for you. If you wish to first try by yourself, you can check out the below methods:

Clean the Drain Trap

You can start by cleaning the trap on your basement floor. Spot the backflow preventer and remove the cap. Make sure to take a chisel along with you. Drive the chisel around the ring’s notches.

Next, loosen it and use a vac for sucking the entire blockage from the trap. This may help to clear all the waste and debris within the trap. The water can start flowing again. However, this works the best only with a smaller amount of blockage. For larger amounts, you require a drain cleaning service.

Use a Plunger

You can try using a plunger. This handy tool can help you in clearing out minor clogs. Make sure to exert strong pumps for a better result. Another vital factor to consider is whether the plunger can completely cover the opening of your basement floor drain.

Try pouring some water to check if it drains. You can also try applying some petroleum jelly towards the plunger’s edges. This acts as an adequate seal.

However, if the blockage seeps deeper into your basement floor drain, it may be difficult to pull it out with a plunger. You may have to call a drain cleaning service to clear such blockage.

Vinegar and Baking Soda

Vinegar and baking soda can unclog the basement floor drain if you are dealing with the blockage that is not stubborn. Mild dirt and debris may clear with it. Begin by pouring some hot water into your floor drain. Then put half a cup of baking soda into it.

After some time, pour a mixture of vinegar and water. One cup is usually ideal. Around five or ten minutes later, flush another cup of hot water into the floor drain.

What to Avoid While Unclogging Your Basement Floor Drains

While you try to unclog your basement floor drains by yourself, it is crucial to be aware of the methods to avoid. You have to ensure not to aggravate the problem by causing further damage.

Some DIY hacks can cause more damage than resolving your issue. It may be best to assign the task to a professional drain cleaning service. Another method that you must avoid is the use of a chemical drain cleaner. These may contain or produce toxic materials and fumes.

There is a higher possibility of damage to your basement floor drains with a chemical drain cleaner. Chemicals have the potential to corrode pipes. In case the need for the usage of chemicals arises, allow an expert drain cleaning service to handle its usage.

Let the Professionals Handle the Job

Have you tried the possible methods to unclog your basement floor drain with no fruitful results? You can always depend on professionals to do the job for you. Contact Covenant Plumbing in the Bloomington, IL area if you are looking for an efficient drain cleaning service.

Our licensed, expert plumbers are always available to provide quick, reliable services. We ensure to fix any issues with your drains with our expertise. Moreover, by tackling the root cause of your issue, we provide better solutions to deal with any future clogs.

For more information, you may give us a call at (309) 603-1253 or visit our website to book an appointment.

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