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There’s something charming about owning an older home, knowing all the history and hard work that went into keeping it standing to this very day. Unfortunately, old homes often mean old plumbing and electrical work, and that can be a disaster for you as a homeowner. If you own an older home in Bloomington, IL, you might be thinking about upgrading your plumbing to modernize it and prevent future problems. Here are some things you should think about before you hire a plumber to upgrade your plumbing system.


Age is the most important factor when you’re talking about whether or not you need to upgrade your home’s plumbing. A home that was built 40 years ago may seem old, but that same home likely has all of its water and drain lines intact for the most part. However, that likelihood starts to decrease when you’re talking about a home that’s 60, 70, or 80 years old.

The older your home is, the more likely there’s a problem somewhere in your plumbing system. It could be that you’ve got pinhole leaks throughout your copper water lines but you haven’t had a plumber under your house for years or even decades. Since problems like these can go undetected so easily, it’s important to know how old the plumbing in your home is and how long it should last.

If you’re getting close to the point where your pipes or fixtures should be giving out, ask a professional to take a look and give you their opinion. If a professional tells you it’s time to upgrade to something newer for the sake of avoiding future problems, you should take that advice as soon as you can.


Of course, you also want your plumbing system to function properly and carry water to and from your home. If part of your plumbing system isn’t working (or hasn’t quite worked right for several years), upgrading to a new component might be the best way to fix that problem. While some problems are a matter of replacing a section of pipe or a fitting, others are a little more deeply rooted in your plumbing system.

Low water pressure is one particularly limiting problem that a plumber can fix by upgrading your plumbing. Galvanized water lines tend to form a buildup on the inside that can leave a much smaller opening than you need for that pipe. If you have low water pressure throughout your home that’s getting worse with time, a repipe is a good idea.

You might also have problems with a fixture in your home. For example, your old water heater might not be heating water up fast enough, or the drain for your laundry sink may be clogged beyond repair. If you’re dealing with any plumbing problem that severely limits the function of things inside your home, call a plumber to see if it’s time to upgrade.

What’s the Problem?

Whether or not your plumbing system needs an upgrade also depends on whether or not you’re currently experiencing any issues, as well as what those issues are. Some plumbing problems are easy to fix by simply replacing a part, while others require a complete teardown of a fixture or even some of the pipes in your home. If you have a plumbing problem, make sure you ask a professional whether upgrading may be more financially responsible than fixing what you have.

Common problems that require an upgrade and not a repair include water heater tank damage, old pipes that are starting to corrode and fail, a sewer line that has significant root growth inside, or old fittings that are starting to come loose and leak. While you might be able to fix these problems temporarily, that’s going to feel like a waste of money when you have to pay for more repairs in the near future.


The efficiency of your plumbing system is another thing to think about if you’re considering upgrading. Having a plumber upgrade the fixtures and appliances in your home can make your plumbing more efficient, which saves you money, extends the life of your plumbing, and makes life more convenient for you.

Water heater upgrades are a great way to improve efficiency. Newer water heaters are much more efficient than their older counterparts, plus water heaters only last about a decade. You can see similar results from upgrading your washing machine and dishwasher.

Upgrading fixtures such as faucets and showerheads can also save you a significant amount of water since they use fewer gallons per minute.

Modern Features

Over time, your plumbing system can start to feel a little outdated. This might not be a big deal when new features first hit the market, but hiring a plumber for upgrades becomes more tempting as time goes on.

Whether you want a faucet with a built-in sprayer for your kitchen or a tankless point-of-use water heater in each bathroom in your home, upgrading your plumbing system is the answer. The best part about fixtures and appliances with these modern features is that they generally don’t cost much more than the standard newer fixtures and appliances. If you’re looking for a fairly affordable way to modernize your home, plumbing upgrades are a great solution.

Find the Right Plumber

Upgrading your plumbing system can be tempting, but it’s also tough to decide whether the cost of upgrades is worth the benefits you’ll see from them. Lucky for you, an expert plumber at Covenant Plumbing can help you make the best decisions for your Bloomington, IL, home. Whether you want to upgrade to get the newest features or you have a plumbing problem and you’re not sure it’s worth fixing, we can help you make the right decision. If you’re looking for a plumber to help make upgrading your home a breeze, call Covenant Plumbing at (309) 603-1253 .

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