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A water heater can be a very important part of a home. Many people take them for granted, but when they stop working properly, this is when people see just how crucial they can be for comfort and quality of life. This is why it is a good idea to make sure that you have water heater replacement professionals on hand in case you need them. If you want to know more about replacement or need assistance with this issue in Bloomington, IL, you should feel free to see what a company such as Covenant Plumbing can do for you.

How Long Water Heaters Last

Typically, the life expectancy of a water heater will be between 8 and 12 years, based on the suggested service life that is given to you by the manufacturer. This will vary based on a few factors. These factors include the design of the water heating unit, where you live, quality of installation, water quality, and your specific maintenance schedule. If your water heater is over a decade old and leaks around the base of your tank or works in an erratic fashion, it is probably going to be time to replace it pretty soon. In some cases, you might want to do an upgrade to a newer and more efficient model, in order to cut down on your energy expenses.

In some cases, water heater replacement will not be entirely necessary. You will be able to just use troubleshooting and repairs to save the water heater you already have. For some people, this might be preferable. Before you look for replacement options, make sure that there isn’t some sort of electrical reason for the failure of the unit, such as a tripped breaker or a blown fuse. If you do regular water heater maintenance, this will maximize the life of your water heating unit. Some repairs can actually be pretty simple as well.

When Water Heater Replacement Is Necessary

If you need to have a water heater replacement done, you can generally replace it with the same type of unit that you already have. However, in some cases, you might want to consider an upgrade. You might want to either upgrade to a tankless heater or a larger tank. When you are looking for a replacement candidate, you should consider certain features. One of them is gallon capacity. The most common water heaters are 40 gallon and 50 gallon water heaters. You should also look at the recovery rate. This is the number of gallons that your heater is going to be able to heat every hour. The dimensions are also very important. In some cases, you are going to be in need of a water heater of a certain width and height based on where you are going to be putting the unit in your home. Energy efficiency ratings can also be very important. A sticker on the side of the water heater is going to list the estimated cost every year of operating this unit. If you get a high-efficiency model, this can be very good for you because it can save energy and reduce costs on your end.

Before you actually make any repairs or purchase a new unit for a water heater replacement, what you should do is check the nameplate on one of the sides of your current unit. Here, you will find information that can be very useful. This includes the tank capacity, installation guidelines, insulation R-value, model and serial numbers, and working pressure. If you have an electric water heater, you will also be able to see the wattage capacity, as well as the voltage of the heating elements on the nameplate. This information will be very important because it will give you the starting area of your search when it comes to replacement parts or an entirely new water heater.

If you need help choosing a candidate for your water heater replacement, there are certain questions that you should answer for yourself in order to determine whether you should tackle the installation procedure yourself or hire a professional for the job. You should consider how you are going to be disposing of your old water heater. You should check the local codes on this matter, as you are not necessarily going to be able to just dump it wherever you want to. You should make sure that you are able to physically handle the new water heater that you are bringing in as well. Water heaters are typically very heavy and bulky, and you will need assistance bringing your replacement into your home. You need to also make sure that you have the tools that are necessary for the job. If you are conducting a water heater replacement in your home, you will need all sorts of tools, including a hacksaw, screwdrivers, adjustable wrenches, and pliers. In some cases, you may also need other equipment, such as a propane torch if the copper pipe is involved in the installation. Additionally, you need to make sure that you actually have the time to go through the entire replacement procedure. Once you start it, you will need to finish it.

If you believe that you are not going to meet all of these conditions, you should probably hire a professional for your replacement procedure.


Of course, now you know how important it is to understand water heater replacement and when it is necessary. You also need to make sure that you bring a qualified water heater professional into your home to do this procedure when it is necessary.

If you live in the city of Bloomington, IL and have any questions about how you need to take care of your water heater or want to know anything else about water heater replacement, it would be a good idea to reach out to water heater professionals, such as the ones at Covenant Plumbing. They will be able to answer any questions that you might have about water heaters and their replacement and maybe even help you conduct any water heater repairs or r replacement procedures that you might need.

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