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Your water heater can serve you well with little trouble for 10-15 years on average if you arrange for regular maintenance and know when to call for water heater repairs. We serve and inform our Bloomington, IL area customers so that they get the most out of their plumbing and appliances, and know that they can turn to us for honest, reliable, and high-quality service. Our plumbers take good care of residential and commercial customers, and our customer service experts make working with us a satisfying and enjoyable experience. We look forward to serving you for water heater repair or other plumbing needs, from simple repairs to upgrade and renovation projects. Let us take care of your plumbing the way it should be done.

Signs of Trouble from the Silent Cylinder in Your Basement

Life is busy, and we don’t always have time to notice that there are problems in plumbing until they become unbearable. We hear pipe noises and say, “oh, it does that.” Or we fiddle with the shower handle until the temperature is right, slowing down our morning routine. Maybe we’re searching for the culprit who’s using all the hot water when it’s the water heater that’s to blame. Let’s talk a bit about things to look for that suggest a water heater repair might help.

Not Enough Hot Water Anymore

Insufficient hot water can be a sign that you’re having thermostat trouble. If the water comes out hot but runs out quickly, that’s one sign, but you might also find that it takes a lot longer for the hot water to arrive at your shower or sink than it used to. We know what that’s likely to be, and we can take care of it with a simple water heater repair visit. We can also adjust the water heater temperature within a safe range, or provide small tankless water heaters for quick hot water at the temperature you desire at your kitchen sink or other location. These devices can save you time, energy costs, and water costs since they eliminate the need to start the water running and wait for hot water to travel through the pipes from the basement before you can wash your hands, rinse a pot, or get a cup of hot water for a recipe.

Odors or Discoloration in the Hot Water

If you’re experiencing odors and discoloration in the hot water from your faucet or shower, but not from the cold water taps, it’s probably a hot water heater repair issue, typically the anode rod. This device in your water heater tank lasts 3-5 years, and should be checked as part of an annual hot water heater inspection and servicing. The anode rod helps protect your hot water heater lining against corrosion, which helps extend the lifetime of the unit as well as provide high-quality hot water. For your quality of life, we recommend not putting up with low-quality water when you can have this simple fix. Speaking of water quality, if you have a water softener system, the chemistry involved may reduce the lifetime of your anode rod, so it’s good to keep an eye on it.

Puddles Beside Your Water Heater

If you see small pools of water, signs in your basement floor that water has been there and dried up, or perhaps even a frequent flow of water from the pipe that extends down from your water heater’s pressure relief valve, it’s time to check that valve. It protects your water heater from excessive pressure buildup inside, and is an important safety feature. If it’s not working correctly, it can leak water more than necessary. On the other hand, whistling sounds or other noises in your water heater can be a sign that pressure is building and not being relieved by the valve, which requires an urgent water heater repair to ensure that your unit isn’t damaged by the pressure or, in the worst case, ruptures due to the excessive pressure inside.

Energy Usage Tips

A few tips about saving energy. First, be careful about adjusting your water heater thermostat within a safe range. Too high can cause scalding when people are washing their hands and bathing, but too low means the water is not hot enough for proper hygiene. It may seem like a way to save money, but it’s not a safe one. Getting the water heater repairs you need for proper operation will take you further in saving money, and let you enjoy nice hot water at the best cost. We can also insulate the pipes that carry your hot water to and from the water heater, so that you’re not heating your basement unintentionally along the way with the energy you put into the water. Another area people tend to use hot water and not enjoy the benefits is the shower, where a new shower head that blasts nicely but uses less water can improve your mornings, and an updated mixer valve can let you set the temperature quickly, spending less time and water trying to get your shower just how you like it.

Regular Maintenance Is a Great Way to Schedule Water Heater Repair

When you have us visit for regular maintenance of your water heater, we can catch many of these water heater repair problems and fix them without the need for a separate repair call. We’ll also inspect your tank lining for corrosion and let you know when the condition of your unit suggests it’s time to plan a water heater replacement. We like helping our neighbors avoid unfortunate cleanups from failed water heater tanks.

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