4 Common Plumbing Issues That Can Be Prevented Or Fixed By A Professional Proactive Plumber | Bloomington, IL

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Plumbing systems are like the lifelines of a property. It brings clean water in and flushes dirty water out. Plumbing systems need regular maintenance in order to run efficiently. Improper maintenance can lead to a variety of plumbing issues. Taking a proactive approach to your plumbing maintenance can benefit you and your household in numerous ways, whereas a reactive approach will impact you negatively.

Plumbing systems, on average, last 17 to 100 years. That is a large difference in quantity. The number of years your plumbing systems will last has a lot to do with what it’s made out of and how well you care for it. Your plumbing system appliances may last a lot longer if you cared for them properly. This will end up saving loads of money and increase the value of your property over time. This way, when it’s time to sell, you and the new homeowner will not have to worry about any further repairs or updates. Proper maintenance of your home systems will increase your potential to sell and receive top dollar for your property. Preventive plumbing is an investment that will help you retain and increase the value of your property, while also ensuring your household remains comfortable and sanitary at all times. If you live in the area, contact Covenant Plumbing for all of your professional plumber needs.

Common Plumbing Blunders That Could Be Avoided with Proper Maintenance

Have You Ever Experienced a Clogged Drain?

Clogs are extremely common plumbing malfunctions that can be avoided or reduced with regular drain cleaning service. Having a professional plumber maintain your plumbing systems on a regular basis, includes drain cleaning services. If you are interested in reducing your clogs in an efficient and safe manner hire a professional plumber to clean them periodically.

Clogs often occur when forms of debris and waste become lodged somewhere along the pipeline. It can also occur due to buildup gunk and other forms of debris that get left behind in the drain. This gunk can build up so intensely that it prevents water from passing through freely. Clogs are a huge issue for several reasons. If you do experience a clog, be sure to contact an emergency plumber for quick and efficient clog relief.

Clogs are extremely unsanitary. Drains are meant to whisk dirt and waste away from your home. If your drain is clogged, chances are the cog will continue to get worse and worse until it is cleared. This is because particles of debris will pile up easier with a clog in the way than it would otherwise. This is why contacting an emergency plumber for urgent plumbing service is imperative. Having a reoccurring plumbing technician clean and clear your drains on a regular basis will prevent a clog from getting worse and becoming more costly to remove.

Over-the-counter drain cleaning products are usually the go-to when someone is experiencing a clog. Clearing clogs with chemical drain cleaning products could lead to pipe damage and a tougher, more stubborn clog. Don’t exacerbate the problem with chemicals, instead, allow the professional to safely and efficiently remove any and all clogs in order to avoid further repair and damage costs. If you are in need of a professional, reoccurring plumber in the Bloomington, IL, area, contact

Is That Your Faucet Dripping?

Dripping faucets are common. Dripping faucets are also not taken as seriously as they should be. Dripping faucets can end up wasting hundreds of gallons a year, which is literally pouring your money down the drain. A drip that persists this long is also a waste of precious natural resources. Dripping faucets are more than just a little annoying, it can cost you money.

An experienced plumber would be able to fix this in less than half an hour. There is no reason to allow this problem to persist when fixing a dripping faucet is a really easy fix. Utilizing the services of a reoccurring or on-call plumber will help you get small common plumbing problems like this out of the way and off of your mind.

Is Your Toilet Running?

Is your toilet running? If so, contact your local professional to have it repaired as soon as possible. A running toilet could waste up to 200 gallons of water every day. That’s thousands every month and will continue to increase over time. Running toilets could end up costing you a lot in water bills. To prevent a running toilet from increasing your water bill, contact a professional for urgent plumbing repair.

Leaks Getting You Down?

A leak is a very serious plumbing malfunction that also happens to be extremely common. Almost every plumbing system will experience a leak at some point in time. Leaks in a plumbing system are virtually inevitable. Proper plumbing maintenance may be able to help reduce the number of leaks you experience or make the leaks you do experience less severe than they would have been without the preventive plumbing system maintenance.

Leaks occur for a variety of reasons. A leak may occur due to regular wear and tear, a fault in the system, something becoming lodged in the pipelines, frozen water, high water pressure, and the list goes on. Your recurring maintenance plumber can help reduce the number of leaks you re experience, by balancing your plumbing system and ensuring any apparent faults are corrected before they become an issue.

Leaks can occur anywhere in your plumbing system and at any time. To reduce the number of leaks your plumbing system experiences have, you should keep your plumbing system well maintained, refrain from putting non-biodegradable things down your drains, and have your professional install proactive pipe protective features, such as a pipe installation.

There are so many benefits to regular plumbing maintenance plans. The most prevalent and common benefits individuals experience with plumbing maintenance are a lack of plumbing disasters, a reduction in common plumbing issues, and an efficiently working plumbing system. Preventive maintenance can also help you save money down the line by reducing repair costs and preventing waste. If you live in the Bloomington, IL, area, contact Covenant Plumbing for all of your plumbing repair, maintenance, and service needs.

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