3 Reasons Why Your Toilet Isn’t Flushing And When You Might Need A Plumbing Service | Bloomington, IL

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Have you ever been in a situation where you can’t flush your toilet? You press and press on the lever, but nothing happens at all. This could be a potentially embarrassing situation depending on what’s going on in your life.

Unfortunately, most homeowners do not know how to diagnose nor fix the problem. And the situation, it would be best to call a plumbing service in Bloomington, IL. A professional plumber should be able to not only diagnose but also repair and solve the situation within a day. Once they’re done, your toilet will run like it’s new.

This article will look at three reasons why your toilet may not be flushing. If you have a better idea of the cause, you might be able to provide the plumber with more information before they arrive. This can help make the plumbing service go a lot more smoothly, and can also help save them a trip. This is especially true if you need any replacement parts.

#1. The Toilet Is Clogged

The most common cause is that the toilet is clogged. Somewhere down the sewer line, there is an obstacle blocking the water flow. Due to this reason, it doesn’t matter if you continue to press on the lever. The toilet simply cannot generate a vacuum downstream to remove the water from the bowl.

There are many different reasons as to why your toilet may be clogged. You might have flushed too much toilet paper down the toilet, or you could’ve flushed some things that shouldn’t go down the toilet, like a sanitary napkin. Some people even have a habit of flushing grease down the toilet. The grease can accumulate on the sides of the pipes to create a clog.

The only solution to this is to call a plumbing service to unclog the toilet. A plumber can use a video camera to find out where the clog is and what the clog is made up of. The entire process should not take more than a day. Best of all, you can also take advantage of the video inspection to see whether there are any other problems that you need to fix.

#2. There’s a Problem with the Lift Chain

If you’re not familiar with the overall mechanics of the toilet, you might not know what a lift chain is. However, inside the toilet tank, you’ll find a chain that attaches the flapper to the toilet handle. If there’s something wrong with the lift chain, it doesn’t matter how much you press on the toilet handle. Nothing is going to happen.

The lift chain could simply be out of place. Or, it could be loose. This could be due to regular usage. It doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s anything more sinister or heinous that’s causing your toilet to malfunction.

If you think that there’s something wrong with the lift chain, you can let the plumbing service know ahead of time. This way, a plumber will be able to bring a replacement life chain should the current lift chain need to be replaced. In most situations, small adjustments can be made to the existing lift chain in order to solve the problem. This is actually one of the easiest problems to fix. Most plumbers will be able to get the job done in under an hour. It’s not a complicated service at all.

#3. There’s Something Wrong with the Flapper

Last but not least, there could also be something wrong with the flapper inside the toilet tank. The rubber flapper inside the tank is supposed to release water from the tank into the toilet bowl whenever you press on the toilet handle. The flapper is then supposed to seal the water intake hole afterward so that an appropriate amount of water can enter the tank once again. If there’s something wrong with the rubber flapper, your toilet won’t flush.

There could be many things wrong with the flapper. It could be misaligned with the other mechanics and parts within the tank. Or, it could be warped or bent due to regular usage. In general, in these situations, the most likely solution is to replace the rubber flapper. Once the flapper is replaced, you should not have to deal with this same problem anytime soon.

To expedite the plumbing service, you can give the plumber more information about the type of toilet that you have. This includes the brand and the model. By doing so, the plumber will be able to bring a replacement rubber flapper, so they only need to make one trip to provide you with the plumbing services needed to fix this problem.

Call a Plumbing Service to Flush These Problems Away

While the three causes mentioned above are the most common reasons why your toilet may not be flushing, there are many other reasons why you might be faced with such a problem. There could be insufficient water in the water tank or some other part could be malfunctioning.

If you’re dealing with any type of pesky plumbing problems, you should call a plumbing service in Bloomington, IL right away. The sooner that you call, the quicker a plumber can be on the scene to fix the problem. You definitely want to catch plumbing problems while they are still minor and small. If you leave them alone, they can grow to be big beasts that are very difficult and very pricey to tackle.

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They are able to provide a wide range of plumbing services, from drain cleaning services to water heater tank installations. Give them a call to see what they can do for you today.

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