5 Plumbing Tips to Help You This Christmas

We’ve had a year full of unexpected curve balls, and with the holidays coming up, we would love to help you stay away from any plumbing-related curve balls! The Holidays can be a very busy season for plumbers because visitors mean more clogged toilets, water heaters going out and garbage disposals breaking from being used more often.

This holiday season we want to help you be proactive to prevent any plumbing problems before you enjoy a relaxing holiday with our families. Here are 5 holiday-saving tips that can prevent you from a plumbing emergency this season.

#1: Pre-Holiday Whole Home Inspection

Do you have slow drains? Do you have a dripping faucet? We can help ensure that everything is working properly to avoid having an expensive holiday plumbing call by scheduling you a Whole Home Inspection.

#2: Your Garbage Disposal is NOT a trash can

When the big meals are over, it’s tempting to toss the leftovers into the disposal. Avoid throwing bones, skin, coffee grounds, vegetable, and fruit peelings into the disposal. This will clog your unit, as well as your lines in no time!

#3: Do not pour grease down the drain

Avoid pouring fats, oils and grease down your drain. When these items go down the drain, it will harden and can cause your sewer lines to clog.

#4: Run plenty of COLD water down your drain

Run lots of cold water down your drain while you are using your garbage disposal! Run it for 30-60 seconds after the disposal is off. This will help push the waste down the drain with ease. Also, do not use hot water to melt grease because it can still become a solid in your sewer line!

#5: Toilets clog easy

Toilets that work well are essential when it comes to the holidays! With additional traffic, try to be sure that your family or guests do not flush cotton balls, swabs, feminine products, hair, wipes (flushable or not) or facial scrub pads down the toilet. These items will not dissolve and are the most frequent cause of sewer clogs that we see.

If you do encounter any of these issues, never fear – we are here! At Covenant Plumbing, we are always ready to fix any plumbing issue that you are facing. If you need help or would like to schedule service, contact us today or book online!

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