Thinking about a Back-Up Sump Pump? If You Are, You Need to Read This First!

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back-up sump pump is one of the most important tools in your Bloomington home.  It’s way more fun to spend money on toys than on things that prevent catastrophe, but in the long run, we definitely recommend that you have one to keep your basement dry if the power goes out or your sump pump fails!

What To Consider When Thinking About a Back-Up Sump Pump:

  • Would your basement flood if you lost power?  When the power goes out, a sump pump doesn’t work because it relies on power to operate.  Think about the events that most commonly cause power outages.  Storms – that are accompanied with rain, sleet, ice, or snow – are usually the major reason.  This is the time when you most need a sump pump to take all of that water coming into your basement back out again!  When the power goes out, be sure that you have a back-up in place that isn’t relying on power to keep your basement dry and flood-free!
  • What kind of back-up do I need?  There are 2 types of back-ups available.  A water-powered backup and a battery backup.  If you are on a city water system, you would have the opportunity to install a water-powered backup and that’s what we typically recommend.

How Does a Water Powered Sump Pump Work?

A water-powered sump pump is a solid defense against a flooded home. It works by utilizing the water pressure that is in the water lines entering your home to pump water out of the sump pit. The pump doesn’t have a battery to maintain and doesn’t rely on power. They can move as much as 1,300 gallons of water when they are working. They do use some city water to provide the suction needed to move water back out. This is the one downside of a water-powered backup sump pump.

When I Lose Power, How Long Will My Back-up Run?

Water-powered sump pumps have the potential for unlimited run time! Since they are driven by the water that is being brought into your home, they can run as much or as little as needed to empty your sump pit. When you have a huge outage, common when storms roll through in the Midwest, that means that your water-powered back up will not stop running until the main sump pump starts working again.

What Do I Need to Do to Maintain a Water-Powered Backup?

We recommend water-powered backups because they are reliable, and they don’t require frequent maintenance. They don’t require monitoring or replacing of batteries either. Let’s be real – not many of us think to check our sump pumps until they aren’t working well, so we like to recommend things that are as low maintenance as possible! In addition, a water-powered backup sump pump is installed with an alarm that will sound when it’s operating so that you know when it’s running.

Do I Need A Battery Backup Sump Pump?

If you have a basement that is finished or stores valuable items, we always recommend a back-up sump pump.  Typically, the installation costs less than your homeowner’s insurance deductible if you had to file a claim.  And it’s ALOT less hassle than cleaning up and replacing the carpet, drywall, and furniture.

The Bloomington plumbing experts at Covenant Plumbing would be glad to answer any questions about water-powered sump pumps for your home!  Call us today! 

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