Need help choosing a stylish toilet for your upcoming Remodel?

Need help choosing a stylish toilet for your upcoming Remodel?   

When starting a remodel project for your bathroom, you dream of showers, bathtubs and new vanities and faucets.  One thing that most people rarely think of is toilets.  But a new toilet can help change the style of your bathroom.  Below are a few things that you should think of when looking at toilets.

Determine the size of the bathroom  

If you are replacing a toilet, you will need to get a toilet that matches the rough in space.  This is the distance between the wall and the center of the flange (where bolts attached to the floor to hold your toilet in place).  Most rough ins are 12 inches, but at times, they can be 10 inch or even 14 inches.

The next consideration is toilet height.  Standard-height toilets that are most common are 14-15 inches high.  This is a tad shorter than the ones that are in any public restroom that is 17-19 inches high.  The taller toilets are known as Comfort Height and are also made to meet ADA needs.  Some people like them because it is easier on the knees and the back to stand up and sit down on a higher toilet.

All About the Styles 

You have the option for two different bowl shapes.  A round bowl is made to conserve on space.  These should be considered for smaller spaces, such as a very small powder room.  An elongated toilet is longer, by about 2 inches, and tends to be more comfortable to move around on.

Wanting something sleek looking?  Look at toilets that have a concealed trap way.  This will have a sleeker and more stylish toilet and it is easier to keep clean.

One-piece toilet or two? 

This is an important styling question, and not just for bathing suits!  A one-piece takes up less room and has a much more contemporary appeal.  It is also easier to keep clean due to no seams.

A two-piece toilet is a more economical choice.  All features are the same between both toilets, but the price is lower for a two-piece as it is a more standard product.  In addition, it is easier to pay for repairs.  If a toilet tank breaks you can replace only the tank on a two-piece, but with one-piece you will have to replace the entire toilet.


If you are renovating an older home, you may find that the toilet is colored.  While most toilets we install today are white, toilets can be ordered in several colors.  Ask us if this is a need for your project.

That covers most of the common questions people have when considering a toilet replacement.  If you are looking at possibly redoing your bathroom, or thinking about getting an

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