Why is my Toilet Clogging?

Toilet clogs are ANNOYING. It’s as simple as that. The last thing you want all over your bathroom floor is dirty toilet water!

Do you ever look at that toilet and wonder why in the world it’s always clogged? We thought we’d help you understand some of the reasons your toilet gets clogged and some things you can do to avoid the hassle and mess of toilet clogs.

The most important thing to remember is the clog is most likely a result of something happening to or in the toilet. Clogged toilets are an inconvenience, but sometimes they could be showing you that you have an underlying issue.

Here are the top 6 reasons that toilets get clogged.

  1. Toilet paper. Toilet paper is a great need. If we have learned nothing this year it is this fact! But the overuse of toilet paper can cause toilet lines to become stuffed and clogged. If you must use a large amount, you might choose to flush twice to ensure that you have plenty of water to back the amount of toilet paper. This is a good thing to teach children who are just learning to use the toilet independently as well.
  2. Upgraded toilets. If you have an upgraded toilet that promises low water use per flush, it could be an insufficient amount of water to ensure things move properly down the line.
  3. A clogged pipe. You could have a foreign object blocking the water flow in your drain. This happens when something other than usual waste is being flushed down the toilet, most often due to children experimenting with their toys. We have also had calls from customers who dropped something into the toilet when cleaning.
  4. Personal Hygiene Items. Women’s personal hygiene items should never be flushed. This does more damage than you can imagine. When flushed, these items can clog drain lines in toilets, as well as drain lines further down the line. Cleaning drain lines can become very costly to repair, so we always suggest taking the easier route and disposing of these items in a wastebasket.
  5. Toilet fresheners. Toilet fresheners are not your friend. At times these fresheners who promise to keep your toilet smelling fresh and clean crumble and fall into the toilet. When they crumble, it is easy to see how the pieces could get lodged into the pipeline.
  6. Your Toilet has bad parts or needs to be replaced. Sometimes, it’s just time to replace the fill valve and/or flapper inside your tank. These parts allow the tank and bowl to fill with water, which is important to get a good flush. Other times, we have found that replacing parts doesn’t fix the issue and we recommend a new toilet with a more powerful flush to keep your drain lines cleared.

Visit the link below to view a video on the best type of plunger for clearing a clogged toilet and the best technique to use when plunging a toilet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcyVct2VM84

If you use these tips and are still unable to clear the clog, we would be happy to come and assist you in getting the line cleared.

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