How to find a Plumbing Company that will meet your needs

Imagine waking up and finding yourself with only freezing cold water for your morning shower. You assume that this is related to that big cylindrical tank in your utility room but have no idea what to do after that. You realize you need a plumber. What do you do if you’ve never called someone before? How do you know what plumber you can trust? How can you be sure that your needs will be meet with integrity and honesty?These are some helpful tips to ensure that you are making the proper choice:

  1. Talk to your neighbors and others you know! You can always do a web search for plumbing and call anyone you find. But, talking to your trusted friends and family about their experiences with local plumbing companies can be a great resource.
  2. Research your options! After you talk with your trusted friends and family, you have a starting point. Start researching your options. This is a decision that would hopefully be the go-to Plumber for years to come. It might be a water heater today but knowing who you will call if you have clogged pipes or a mystery leak coming through the ceiling is invaluable! You can look at this water heater as a “Get to know you” date.
  3. Research the services that they offer! Not every plumbing company is the same. Some only offer water heaters and appliance hook ups. Other companies will supply you with all your plumbing needs. Start by looking at their websites. You can see what services that they offer based off their website! Make a list of questions to ask when you call. Some examples of these questions are:
      1. How many years’ experience do your plumbers have?
      2. Do you charge per hour or by the task?
      3. Do you have a specialty?
      4. Do you have a warranty on your work?
      5. Do you come with a stocked truck and ready for the job that I request?
      6. Do you have expectations for keeping my home healthy and clean?
  1. Look at their reviews! While you are on Google, check out their reviews! Are the reviews mostly positive? How many reviews do they have? How does the company react to reviews? This will tell you how they handle themselves with customers who are not pleased and what people think of them!
  2. Ask the questions! When you call, ask questions to the person answering the phone. The person who is answering the phone will be backbone to the company. Do they have office personnel who answer the phone? Or do they have a plumber trying to work and answer the phone at the same time? This information will tell you how professional the company is.

A professional plumbing company will have an office staff that will always answer your call or return your call within 30 minutes. They should always provide you with a date and window of time for an appointment. They should be able to track any past services performed. They should stand by their services and products sold. As a customer, you should have superior customer service from the minute that they answer the phone – you are that important!

All of this information should lead you to a plumbing company that will take care of you and hope you keep your home safe, healthy and clean!

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