Announcing the Covenant Advantage Membership!

Did you know that Covenant has started offering Maintenance Plans? We are super excited to share the details about our maintenance plan, which is officially named Covenant Advantage Membership. Before we list all the reasons why you need a Covenant Advantage Membership, let us first explain to you what a maintenance plan is.

A maintenance plan allows you to avoid costly and expensive emergencies by keeping your plumbing fixtures and equipment serviced annually with a free comprehensive inspection. It also includes discounts on all services. Yes, we said the word discount and free. Who does not love discounts or free items?

So, now that we have covered what a maintenance plan is, let us tell you the top 5 reasons why you want one for your home!

  1. When you become a Covenant Advantage Member, you will get a 10% discount off all services. Need a new water heater? 10% off. Your toilet acting up? 10% off. Do you have something leaking from your bathroom and through your ceiling? Guess what? 10% off!
  1. Since you are one of our Advantage Members, we will give you preferential scheduling. Do you have a broken sump pump? You want us out the next day. If you are a member, no matter how full our schedule is, your home is our priority! No more waiting for next available, we will ensure that you get scheduled when you need to!
  1. You will have a yearly Annual Maintenance Inspection (also known as AMI). This is a free service! Once a year, we will reach out and schedule the AMI for you. We will inspect all of the plumbing in the home to ensure that it is functioning at peak capacity. We will also do the following:
    1. Yearly Water Heater Flush
    2. Water Quality Test
    3. Water Pressure Test
    4. Sump Pump and Pit Visual Inspection
    5. Toilet Leak Test on all toilets
  1. No one wants to spend money on things like water heaters or toilets. Our maintenance plan will help ensure that your equipment will last longer. We also want to save your money by making your equipment work more efficiently.
  1. The last thing is HUGE. Preventive Maintenance. This is your biggest benefit. We will ensure that by upkeeping your plumbing issues that nothing gets overlooked. When things get overlooked, that is when items start breaking or leaking. So, in a nutshell, this means NO MORE EMERGENCIES!

All of that, for only $12.50/month!

Can you see the benefits of being on our regular maintenance plan? We would love to answer any other questions you might have about a Covenant Advantage Membership!

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