4th of July Tips

Top 5 tips for Independence Day Weekend:

  1. Check your water pressure – Due to Fireworks being set off, it is always good to make sure you have strong water pressure to put out any fires that may come up.
  2. Outside Faucets are working properly – Think ahead and make sure that you are able to set up the sprinkler to cool off! If your outside faucets are not working or have a leak then you will not be able to have some fun in the water!
  3. Check all of your toilets – Everyone wants to make sure that their toilets are running in tip-top shape. Check your toilets to ensure that they are not running constantly or leaking. If they are, be sure to turn it off at the base until we can be out to fix it!
  4. Clean Your Drains – Most people are doing a lot of food prep and cooking to make sure everyone is fed well on this great holiday. To ensure that your drains do not become slow or clogged, make sure you use the garbage disposal or keep your drain clear of any food particles!
  5. DO NOT put everything in the Garbage Disposal – This leads us to the do and don’ts of the garbage disposal. Did you know that there are things we should refrain from putting into a Garbage Disposal?
    • Egg Shells
    • Coffee Grounds
    • Potato Peels
    • Rice

Be kind to your garbage disposal and keep those out of the sink!

Covenant Plumbing wants to wish you a safe and fun Independence Day!

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