Plumbing Tips to Help You Avoid a Holiday Emergency

Shopping, wrapping gifts, baking, hosting guests, students home for winter break – the holiday season is BUSY!  With all the activity that comes during December, your plumbing gets more use than usual.  Keep these plumbing tips in mind to avoid problems that could put a damper on your celebrations!

Don’t Let Holiday Cooking Clog Your Drain

If you’re hosting a holiday gathering, you’ll most likely be doing some cooking.  It’s tempting to take the easy route and drain grease by dumping it down the drain or into the disposal, but it will save you headaches down the road to use your trash can to dispose of grease.  Grease from cooking your holiday meats can result in serious drain clogs.  And, don’t forget, when you do use the disposal, run the cold water for 30-60 seconds are you put food down it to flush all the solids down the line.

Check Your Toilets

Toilets aren’t the most glamorous part of holiday hosting, but they are certainly essential!  You want to be sure that your bathrooms are prepared for a little more use around the holidays.  Give your toilets a check-up—inspect the handles, the lift arm, and chain and the flappers. Keep some supplies in plain sight, too, like extra toilet paper and a plunger.

Make Sure Guests Know What’s Flushable

While we’re talking toilets, it’s also a good idea to talk about what goes down them.  It’s not the most fun thing to discuss with your guests, but discussing “unflushables” with your guests can help prevent an emergency.  Items like diapers, feminine hygiene products, dental floss, and “flushable” wipes can cause issues in your pipes.  A gentle reminder to guests in the form of a polite sign might save some plumbing headaches and ensure your guests save face.

If you need assistance preparing your plumbing for the upcoming holiday season or you find yourself dealing with a holiday plumbing emergency, give us a call at . We’re here to help you enjoy your time with family and friends!

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