What Is the Quality of Your Water?

August is National Water Quality Month!

We all know that water is the source of all life. Our ultimate goal at Covenant Plumbing is to help you get the safest, cleanest, healthiest drinking water possible for your home!

We offer many options to cleanse the water coming into your home of the many unknown contaminants that may be lurking in it. Do you know what’s in your water?

We offer:

  • Reverse Osmosis Systems:  Removes all impurities from drinking water. This system can be installed on one faucet.
  • Water Softening Systems:  Removes hardness minerals through a process called ion exchange. Helps with cleaner, brighter laundry, spot-free dishes & glasses, managing scum rings in sinks & tubs, softer skin & hair.
  • Whole-house Water Filters:  Removes sediment, bad taste, odor, chlorine & chloramines from incoming water. Sediment can damage fixtures, the chlorine will destroy plastic and rubber seals in your household appliances and toilets. Chloramines can create pinholes in copper plumbing.

If you need to clean your drinking water, get rid of hard water or want to remove sediment from incoming water – call Covenant.  We want to be your water experts.

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