Why Do You Need a Back-Up Sump Pump?

Last night, thousands of homes in our area lost power because of an ice storm. This leads us to ask this question today:

Do You Need a Back-Up Sump Pump?  

Your home’s sump pump is your first line of defense against water.  Water always flows downhill – and most of us have basements that are below ground level, thus ready to be filled with water.  Because a home’s main sump pump is most often powered by electricity when the power goes out, the sump pump is no longer removing water from your basement and this is how basements end up flooded.

Do You Have a Back-Up Plan in Place Should Your Sump Pump Lose Power? 

It’s much better to have a back-up plan in place today than to haul damaged carpet and soggy boxes out of your basement the next time there is a power failure.

This is why we recommend a water-powered back-up sump pump if you are on municipal water supply.  Even in the heaviest rainfalls and worst weather conditions, a water-powered back-up is a solid defense against potential flood damage. Using water pressure from your home’s incoming water supply lines, a water-powered back-up sump will pump out the water that is coming into your sump pit.  A water-powered sump pump requires no battery, no electrical power and relies on no moving parts.  They can remove more than 1,000 gallons of water per hour, keeping your basement dry.

If you had water damage because of the power outage last night, or if you lose sleep because of the possibility of a flooded basement, we want to help. Call Covenant Plumbing at to find out if this is the best solution for you, to get an estimate or to schedule an appointment for your install.

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